Philippine budget deficit outlook for 2010: shortfall not too bad?

  In ABS-CBN's recent article, they reveal that each Filipino now owes P47,039 to local and foreign creditors, based on the national government's total debt stock as of September. A month before that, each of the 92.2 million Filipinos owed P45,889.  The culprit: the widening budget deficit that prompts the government to borrow some more. […]

Best and worst auto models of 2009 by car maker

2009 Annual Auto Reliability Survey: Best and worst models by car maker     It is easy to assume that certain automakers build only reliable cars and others don’t, however, nearly every manufacturer have their share of winners and losers in our annual reliability survey. Each company and even brand product portfolio runs a spectrum […]

Dow at 10,000 Then and Now

Dow at 10,000: Then and Now, a graphic article presentation from cnbc. With the Dow Jones Industrial Average crossing the 10,000 point mark for the first time since 2008, we wanted to take a peek back in time to compare what America was like the very first time the Dow crossed 10,000 mark (March 29th, […]

how to watch pacquiao vs hatton and other boxing ppv free online

    (author's update. The process discussed in this article may also be used to watch the Mayweather versus Marquez fight this September 19, 2009, and the upcoming Miguel Cotto versus Pacquiao this November 14,2009) Last December 7, 2009, we edited this article from its original "Pacquaio vs. Marquez" title, as it was also applicable […]

Holiday Schedule for 2009

Malacanang finalizes holiday schedule for 2009. Origninally, Araw ng Kagitingan which is celebrated on April 9 falls on the same day as Maundy Thursday this year.  But the PGMA moved it to the nearest Monday instead, which is April 6.The Easter holidays remain from April 9 (Maundy Thursday) until April 12 (Easter Sunday). The other […]

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