LN’s UCC’s (Useful Chit-Chats) June 10 ’10

When our market broke into new highs at 3,367 UNCLE SAM gave the PSEi a present – a 320-pt drop in the DOW, this event triggered our markets to gap down right at the open at 3,293… This area which incidentally is also close to the psychological 3,300 level is currently acting as a key […]

DMN May 31

PSEi                 3,272.73         UP     20.10 VALUE PHP              2,525,478,770.00 Dow10,136.63-122.36(-1.19%) S&P 5001,089.41-13.65(-1.24%) Nasdaq2,257.04-20.64(-0.91%) At the end of Friday’s trade, Wall street shorters try to square off some trading ahead of the long weekend due to Memorial Day holiday this Monday.  Intraday lows of dow being down over 150 gradually rose until the DJIA was lower by […]

DMN May 7

PSEi 3,142.06 DOWN 25.77 value php 4,163,861,265.00 Dow 10,520.32 -347.80 (-3.20%) S&P 500 1,128.15 -37.72 (-3.24%) Nasdaq 2,319.64 -82.65 (-3.44%) The Dow was trying to go up in the early part of the day, before skidding and skidding further to triple digit losses. Past noon, they saw thier index plunge almost 1000 points and recover […]

Dow at 10,000 Then and Now

Dow at 10,000: Then and Now, a graphic article presentation from cnbc. With the Dow Jones Industrial Average crossing the 10,000 point mark for the first time since 2008, we wanted to take a peek back in time to compare what America was like the very first time the Dow crossed 10,000 mark (March 29th, […]

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