CleverBuy under DTI warning

Due to numerous complaints from customers, online group buying site Cleverbuy is under DTI warning.

Worst Nightmare: Applying for a Standard Chartered Credit Card (free IPOD promo)

One of the worst… wait, on second thought, THE WORST credit card application process I’ve gone through is when I applied for a Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) Credit Card.   Would you believe that getting an auto loan or a housing loan is much much easier and faster? It all started when I saw their […]

FinanceTravels: Bohol Beach, Panglao …..Relax and Live a little

It is said that Bohol has one of the best beaches in the Philippines. White sands 50 feet out to the sea yet even at that far a distance still being about knee high in its dept with the crystal clean waters as clear as the blue sky A real certain feast for the weary […]

Seven MTG Mathchievers outwit Asian Contenders in 2nd Hua Luo Geng Mathematics Elites Invitational Competition in Beijing, China

From: MTG Philippines       It’s another homerun for the Filipino kids who went to meet the challenge in the 2nd Hua Luo Geng Mathematics Elites Invitational Competition held in Beijing, China on July 16-20, 2008 which was participated in by no less than 259 math-gifted children from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Singapore and […]

How much can your money buy?

June inflation up 11%… 11% ONLY???  I went shopping for groceries last night and was quite shocked at how much my total bill was.  It amounted to P4,500.  All I bought fit inside only four plastic bags!!! Unbelievable!!!  And this is not a full grocery load.  Just bought stuff mainly for my daughter's baon and […]

Yes We Can… from Sea to Shining Sea

I'm really not into American politics in a big way but I came across this video,  a mix of a Barack Obama speech and a Black Eyed Peas rendition.  Several celebs also have parts in this video such as Scarlett Johansson, Kate Walsh, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Adam Rodriguez (CSI Miami), Kelly Hu, Amber Valetta, Enrique […]

Does having more money bring happiness?

Does having more money bring happiness? Yes I think it does. What kind of problems would you rather have? Rich people problems honey, we can't go to Amanpulo this summer, no more bookings honey, no more space to park if you buy that Jaguar honey, we need to fix the roof and tiles driver is […]

Digital Gear Review

Digital Gear Review       Yesterday i bought the Invisible shield as im sick of my bulky acrylic case for my Iphone. The clear acrylic case served me well but it always picked up dirt in the crevices and was bulky in my pocket the Iphone is big enough as it is.   The […]

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