Iphone 5 release date, availability and price in the Philippines


Well, after numerous well placed leaks, Apple did announce at their media event yesterday, the release of their latest iPhone.  Dubbed “iPhone 5” (where doubters sprouted that it will indeed be called such, due to the recent name of “the new iPad”, their latest device came almost 99% close to the rumored specs. The iPhone […]

Globe Telecom IPhone Sale!!! GlobeStore SM Megamall September 8-9, 2012

Only Globe brought you all these three iPhones. Now, get a chance to grab an iPhone with the lowest plans EVER! This weekend, we’re giving you the best offers with the iPhone Mega Deals! See you at Globe Store, SM Megamall on Sept. 8-9! http://www.facebook.com/globeph?ref=ts

HP Great Computer Sale from June 28 – July 1, 2012

Today is the 1st day of the Biggest HP Great Computer Sale!!! Get the best computer deals and participate in the auction of latest HP notebooks for as low as P5,000. Visit HP Great Computer Sale at the World Trade Center from June 28 to July 1, 2012. http://www.facebook.com/HPphilippines

How to get to that other secret level Development Hell and the unburied Jay Wilson?

So you know how to get to the diablo secret easter egg level of whimsyshire as shown in this tutorial, but do you know about the other level?  It is called Development hell and you will find the unburied Jay Wilson, one of the developers. On the latter difficulty levels you may notice a forth […]

How to get to diablo 3 secret easter egg level Whimsyshire

There is a secret level in the new game Diablo 3 where there are cartoon characters hidden within levels of demons.  These  killer unicorns along with creatures that look seemingly familiar with care bears and rainbow brite characters or my little pony ponies creatures are violent and can still kill you despite their cuteness. Some […]

How to create new profile dialer for your sun smart globe 3g usb modem dashboard

So you’ve got an unlocked 3g usb modem stick, or mi-fi which can use any telco carrier sim.  But as an alternative to downloading each and every separate dashboard for a dialer to place on your desktop, you can create your own connection using only one dashboard! 1.Simply open your provider’s dashboard. – This is […]

How much did Zynga buy OMGPOP’s Draw Something for?

The app gaming company OMGPOP had a lot of failed attempts before getting it right with DRAW SOMETHING.  Much like pictionary, the game is an overnight success which can be played on your Iphone, and Android phones.  It has been in the top spot for Free and paid charts for weeks, with the free version […]

BDO Virtual Card / Credit Card Promos at groupbuying sites! Dealdozen, Awesome, Buyanihan, Cashcashpinoy, 500pesodeal, Dealspot, Crazydeals, Ensogo, Pakyaw, Brieo, Colors

Get additional discounts and freebies when you use your BDO Virtual and Credit cards at the following Group Buying Sites. Dealdozen, Awesome, Buyanihan, Cashcashpinoy, 500pesodeal, Dealspot, Crazydeals, Ensogo, Pakyaw, Brieo, Colors For more info: https://www.clg.bdo.com.ph/en/promos-group-buying

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