Validation – A Valentine’s Treat

Happy Valentines to all Financemanila readers. Here's a feel-good-treat for everyone, a tribute to happiness, and our need for affirmation from everyone.    

Greenspan: I Was Wrong

Alan Greenspan was on C-Span in October testifying before a congressional committee on the root of the financial crisis. In this video, he is interrogated by Congressman Henry Waxman, Chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee. It is important to note here that Alan Greenspan is a proponent of market deregulation and personally subscribes […]

Glenn Beck on Hockey Stick Inflation

Doing his impression of Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth, journalist Glenn Beck illustrates the looming danger of hyperinflation due to the ongoing government bailouts:

Marc Faber Last November

This Bloomberg interview last November 2008 of notorious bearish commentator Marc Faber shares his thoughts on the recent recovery of global stock markets . Faber reveals some of the dynamics between the U.S. Dollar and asset markets, and how they move in opposite directions. Faber also shares his criticism of monetary and fiscal policy in reaction […]

Peter Schiff Proves Everyone Wrong

Peter Schiff has been bearish on the overextension of the U.S. economy for quite some time, and now he's got the floor. Here's a compilation of how he has bucked the general trend of bullish sentiment of his peers.

Nassim Taleb and Benoit Mandelbrot On The Current Crisis

Skeptical empiricist Nassim Taleb joins one of his mentors: Benoit Mandelbrot, who pioneered fractal geometry and contributed to Chaos Theory, in criticizing the existing tenuous situation of the financial markets and the global economy. They highlight some of the key fallacies that economists and bankers believe–which is precisely the mindset that has prevented the financial […]

Pacquiao: I Demolished Dela Hoya

Congratulations Manny!

John McCain’s Concession Speech

McCain concedes the election to Obama.

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