Iphone 8 and Iphone x shortage and availability

We have all heard that Iphone 8 and its Flagship Iphone X will be released this fourth quarter.  But as early as today, apple rumor monger and KGI  analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has declared that there will be shortages this year, and customers might only be able to get their hands on these new units come 2018.

I would like to think otherwise, and we would need to look back one year hence for my theory on this.  Remember last year’s exploding Samsung note 7 debacle?  Iphone 7 sales would have been drastically dull that time, if not for these Samsungs exploding.  Trust in Samsung that time was at an all time low, and people that needed phones back then “settled” for Iphone 7 and Iphone 7 plus.  These two are more or less in the same price range category, as opposed to other Android brands.

So here we are today, 2017.  I don’t think Iphone could afford any delay or shortage for their so called 10 year anniversary flagship product this coming Holiday season.  If they don’t deliver, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will simply eat into its market share.

So any marketing ploys or gimmicks that served them well in the past by creating false demand from small supply is just that, a thing of the past.  Any upcoming shortages that may plague them might really come from real supply or manufacturing shortage, something that Apple can ill afford to happen at this time.

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