Best Alternatives to Installous after jailbreaking iOS 6

Now that the evasi0n jailbreak is days away, iOS 6 users of Iphone 5, ipad mini, ipad 4 and 5 and the like are wondering what to replace the recently shutdown Installous with?

And for the record, I don’t think their reason for shutting down is true. Installous said their reason for shutdown is “not enough community, views, and support”, or something to that effect. I think they felt the “heat” upon them because right after the KIM DOTCOM arrest last year, a lot of “free host” sharing sites shut down on their own.

Anyway, here are the top alternatives to isntallous based on our research:

1.Kuaiyong – is perhaps a desktop based app search and installation. I say perhaps because their website is still under construction from Chinese only to “English Version(for Windows)is coming soon…”

2.vshare – vshare is AN APP  based system (edited to app based once again after I’ve re-checked) you install after jailbreaking your I device.

  • Follow these steps to install vShare an alternative of Installous on your iPhone:
  • Step 1: Download vShare IPA file from the link below:
  • Step 2: Install AppSync on your iPhone via Cydia, you can download it from repo: To add Repos go to Manage>Sources>Add.
  • also, appsync 6.1 can be found in this repo: AppSync for iOS 6.1 install source
  • Step 3: Add the downloaded IPA file to your iTunes library. It can be done by simply drag the file and dropping it onto iTunes.
  • Step 4: Connect your iPhone to PC via USB cable and sync the vShare app. Method for syncing the app is same as syncing any other app from iTunes. If any error appears while doing so, you may have installed AppSync incorrectly.
  • Step 5: On completion of sync, you’ll find the vShare app on your springboard. If the icon isn’t there, then reboot your device to get it.

= the website says you can install the vshare ipa from your safari browser:
can be used the Safari open address (, and then click Install
(hey thats v dot app v v dot com, AND NOT V APP W DOT COM)

3. Appcake – Among all alternatives to Installous, AppCake is most likely the longest one around and most similar to installous. The developers are trying their best to keep the site running and updated. So in terms of stability, AppCake certainly has the upper hand. Unlike vShare however, AppCake is mainly created for English-speaking users. In fact, the user interface of AppCake is very similar to vShare, only purely in English. The apps are sorted by categories and popularity which is always good for app hunters. AppCake also has the distinction of not needing AppSync when installing or running apps. The repo address for AppCake is:

  • if that site is offline, you can use this alternative site/repo
  • you can also download Appcake from repo:
  • crap! update #3! if both sites are offline due to the new jailbreak, try this other repo  <— to download appcake!

4. iFunbox – it’s yet another computer desktop based download then sync method after you jailbreak. Once again, APPSYNC from Cydia is needed.

To get AppSync from Cydia, you will need to jailbreak your iOS device. You can download AppSync from other Cydia sources like Insanelyi.

Download iFunbox for Windows / Mac


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  1. Jack Bauer says:

    Got message while installing this repo PSIOX error, is it ok to continue?

  2. which repo? if installing an app from a repo and you get an error, it won’t push thru with the install anyway.

  3. Jack ; they fixed that. There was just an overload of people on the servers because of the evasion jailbreak. But they fixed it. It should work now.

  4. When I install Appcake via sinful I still get the PSIOX error

  5. Just keep trying the servers are overloaded, sometimes killin all apps and resetting your network settings helps. The only thing you risk loosing is wifi passwords it just clears everything out and helps Cydia for some reason

  6. Hello , i have a quick question, i have my 4s jailbroken with IOS 5.1 i wanna upgraded my IOS to 6.1 but i dont know what to do first, do i upgraded my IOS first ??or do i download the vshared app first and the make IOS upgrade??

  7. I’m gonna answer you cause you must know the basic before using a jailbreak. When you update the firmware, you restart with an unjailbroken iPhone then you have to jailbreak it again. My advice is to restore an iPhone before to jailbreak it then it’ll rock !

  8. Guys try zeusmos.

  9. jailbreaking your iPhone gadgets have some disadvantages. And the disadvantage of having a gadget of iPhone is that they upgrade their iOs and some of your applications won’t run til you upgrade your iOS. And the old gadgets of iPhone like iPhone 3, 3g’s iOS are not upgradable, for that you gonna jailbreak the iOS for you to upgrade to the latest one.

  10. What does it mean to “root” or “jailbreak” your phone?
    All I know is that they can offer you free applications for the ones you have to pay for, but at the cost of the warranty on your phone. Is there anything else that I’m missing? I have my Samsung galaxy note philippines and not rooted yet.

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