How much is Lance Armstrong worth before and after confessing on doping?

Lance Armstrong from WSJ

Lance Armstrong was worth a lot before confessing on doping.  $125 Million dollars earned from various sponsorships from his 7 championships.  He was still worth his value in news as the Armstrong broadcast on Oprah itself could well exceed the 3.5 million viewers for that show.  He will still have a lot left over after some of his bounty is returned.

At the peak of his career, Lance was one of the highest earning athletes in the world and earned up to $20 million per year from endorsements and prize money. In retirement, Lance has continued to earn roughly $15 million per year from speaking engagements, public appearance fees and sponsorships, but all of that is gone now.   Armstrong also lost several lesser known endorsement deals, and other speaking engagement income loss would have to be counted.

In October of 2012, Armstrong was banned from professional racing amid allegations that he used steroids. Losing glory and honor, Lance was forced to give up his seven Tour de France medals.  Dealing a financial blow, Armstrong was abandoned by all of his major sponsors including Nike, Oakley, Trek and Anheuser Busch.


Armstrong’s rise against cancer, and eventual 7 victories has been an inspiration to millions of cancer patients who helped contribute nearly $500 million for cancer research during his career. Who will they rally to now?

This big biking fiasco will likely mean that Lance will be required to pay back $4 million in prize money he earned for those victories. As if that wasn’t painful enough, with each Tour victory, Lance also received performance incentive bonuses from his US Postal Team. In total, Armstrong received $7.5 million between 2002 and and 2006 in bonuses which were paid out by a Texas based insurance company called SCA Promotions. SCA Promotions sued Armstrong back in 2005 over $5 million they refused to pay amid his steroid allegations. They ended up losing the lawsuit and had to pay the full $5 million plus another $2.5 million in damages.

So in the short term, Lance is likely going to have to pay back $12.5 million in bonuses and prize money. Plus he will lose a minimum of $30 million in short term endorsement dollars. But the real blow to Armstrong’s wallet will happen in the long run since his reputation as a champion and philanthropist has been decimated. It’s conceivable that over his lifetime, Lance Armstrong will lose hundreds of millions of dollars personally.

If you deduct all of that from his estimated $125m net worth, he may still net roughly $50 to $70 Million dollars net of returns and lawsuits.  There will be no “future” sweet income to look forward to, but if he’s as smart in money as he is on doping, that should be enough to last his lying lifetime.


  1. Please stop perpetuating the myth that Livestrong raised money for cancer research. Money raised goes to cancer awareness. Big difference.

  2. So now we know there’s an actual dollar value for integrity.

  3. M. McCann says:

    hell yeah armstrong fuck all these people, take the money and run bro.

  4. big different when he is back and front.

  5. Only in USA.

  6. The real sadness exists that the use of performance enhancing drugs in most ,if not all sports. Someone of obvious envy brought this all to light. Even those who may have lost to Armstrong were probably using something. Did anyone see Mark McQuire after he retired,he bacame a half person in stature. In football,steroid use is rampant,but covered up to the enth degree. Heck even a large number of law enforcement is taking something.
    He wasn’t doing something that anyone else was,so why single him out?
    In order to supersede expectations,they use the drugs,especially in weightlifting or bodybuilding competition. The owners take extreme measures to cover up what they can all for the egotistical greed,money,power and recognition.
    Lastly look at Barry Bones at the time he entered pro sports until he became the recognized superstar. Reality is that the true extent will never be known as there are drugs to mask the drugs and drugs to mask the drugs and so on.
    All the jealous envious people who look to destroy others for monetary gain or simple notoriety need to look in the mirrors and ask if they’ve led a perfect life without an iota of wrong and just leave the man alone.

  7. The function and need for sport and competition, is to compete, fail, stand up and compete again, to make mistakes and be given the chance to rectify those mistakes. This is not a concession, this is a right sports people everywhere.
    The whole system failed, to make one man the scapegoat is showing us that the system is still wrong, you can not ban one man for life and others for 2 years.

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