how to jailbreak root Samsung galaxy s3

Can you jailbreak a handheld device like the Samsung Galaxy S3 or note running an Android OS?  You certainly can, but with android devices, it is called rooting, and is perfectly legal.

You can easily jailbreak or root Sprint or T-Mobile Galaxy S3 by using the steps below and watching the video tutorial on How to root Samsung Galaxy. The rooting is provided by Xda developers member, cypher_zero. To root the Galaxy S3you have to install CWM on your S3 via Odin and then install CMW superuser.


Before we begin with rooting/jailbreaking, simply download the following packages:

  • Download Do not extract this file. Copy this file to your phone’s internal storage as is–zipped (we usually just copy the root directory).
  • Download to your computer. This one you need to extract.  Extract the zip file to obtain Odin3 v3.04.exe.
  • Download clockworkmod.tar to your computer. Do not extract this file also.
  • Samsung USB drivers for Windows, if you are running Windows, or the drivers for Mac or Linux if you are running those. Install the drivers if you haven’t installed them already

Step by Step How to root / Jailbreak Samsung Galaxy S3

Before you can root/jailbreak, you need to Install CWM Clockworkmode.

Install CWM ClockWorkMode

Step 1: This is actually downloading the four files above and preparing them for use: CMW Super User v3.07, Odin 3.04, Samsung USB Kies Driver, and  clockworkmod.tar.

Step 2:  Check to see that USB debugging (under Settings -> Developer options) is enabled in your phone, then turn Off your phone and just remove and reinsert the battery

Step 3: Put your Samsung Galaxy phone into download mode: Press and hold  Volume Down + Home + Power keys simultaneously.

Step 4:  Run the ODIN application on your PC which you downloaded in step 1.

Step 5: Connect your device to your computer using the USB cable. If you have completed the above steps the Odin window will show that the device has been detected otherwise it will not respond, and you will have to redo since Step 1.

Jailbreak Samsung Galaxy S3

Step 6: In the middle of the ODIN screen click the PDA button and select clockworkmod.tar and press Start Button.

Step 7: ODIN will start the process of flashing your Galaxy S3 firmware. Wait a while, then  the phone will reboot and the flash process is complete.

How to Root / Jailbreak Samsung Galaxy S3

Step1: Download the software

Step 2: Connect your device to your computer or directly copy file into Galaxy S3 external SD card.

Step 3: Turn Off the Galaxy S3.

Step 4: Put your device in recovery mode. Press Volume Up + Home Button + Power Button until your Phones boot into CWM Recovery Mode.

Step 5: Once your device is in recovery mode keep pressing the volume down button until you find the option “Install Zip From Sd Card”. Press Power button to select the “Install Zip From Sd Card”  option.

Step 6: Select the copied file after you select the  option ” Choose zip from SDCard”.  Scroll down by pressing volume down and then Power button to choose “”

Step 7: Select the option “Yes- Install”. The installation will be completed in few moments and you will need to reboot your Galaxy S 3. Now it is rooted.

If you want  to check your Samsung Galaxy S 3 device is properly rooted or not you can download  root checker tool .

Watch the video below on how a Samsung Galaxy s3 is jailbroken/rooted from T-Mobile or Sprint


  1. Mohamad Kameh says:

    I tried to enter recovery mode but it doesn’t work…. When i turn it on, there’s the logo “Samsung Galaxy SIII” but there’s also “GT-I9300”, does this affect the rooting ? i mean if the GT-I9300 is the reason why it doesn’t work…

  2. Samsung Galaxy 3 and Apple iPhone 5, which is better?

  3. molanjames says:

    By rooting your S3 Mini I8190 you will void the warranty of your smartphone. That’s why, you must always follow and apply a suitable step by step guide; don’t do things by yourselves as you can end up in bricking your device.
    Another briefed tutorial source : smartphonesupdates

  4. I agree with that…be sure to follow it steps by steps to avoid breaking your phone. By the way thanks for the article above.

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