compared/difference of iphone 5, iphone 4s and samsung galaxy s3

Two phones come to mind for the average consumer, and even the tech savvy ones, when comparing the Iphone 5 with other models: its predecessor Iphone 4s, and Samsung Galaxy s3 phones.

iPhone 5 White


The blogs are in unison that the iPhone 5 feels wonderfully light!  The iPhone 5 is also lighter than the iPhone 4S, weighing in at 3.9 ounces as opposed to  4.8 ounces  for the iPhone 4S, while the Galaxy s3 weighs in at 4.69 ounces.

iPhone 5 – 7.6mm thick, aluminum/glass casing, non-removable battery
Samsung Galaxy S3 – 8.6mm thick, plastic casing, removable battery


One of the biggest downsides for the Samsung Galaxy is its plasticky feel when handling it.  Almost making the whole casing flimsy and bendable to a point.

Screen size:

iPhone 4S = 3.5 inch Retina display with a resolution of 960 x 640 pixels at 326ppi.
iPhone 5 = 4 inch Retina display with a resolution of 1,136x 640 pixels at 326ppi
Samsung Galaxy S3 – 4.8in Super AMOLED, 1,280 x 720 resolution



Both Iphone and Galaxy devices come with Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS and GLONASS, and the iPhone 5 features either GSM Edge or CDMA, the same as the iPhone 4S, but the new iPhone 5 also comes with DC-HSDPA and 4G LTE.

iPhone 5 – 8MP, LED flash
Samsung Galaxy S3 – 8MP, LED flash

Apple iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S3

SIM:Iphone 4s has the microsim, Iphone 5 has a new smaller nanosim.Processor:Iphone 4s = A5 chip, dual-core 1GHz CPU and PowerVR SGX543MP2 graphics.
Iphone 5 = A6 chip. Purportedly features a new faster processor which is twice the speed of the iPhone 4S.  1GB RAM, A6 processor, power TBC
Samsung Galaxy S3 – 1GB RAM, Exynos 4412, Quad-core 1.4GHz

There is no benchmark yet for the Iphone 5, but the Samsung Galaxy S3 might beat the next iPhone is its processor’s figures. The Samsung Galaxy S3 uses the impressive Exynos 4412 chip, which has four cores and runs at 1.4GHz.

Power Cable Charger Connector:

Iphone 4s = 30 pin connector used by Apple for years.

iPhone 5 = new 8-pin socket called Lightning.

Samsung’s Galaxy S3 = ordinary microUSB charge cable, a power adapter to plug this cable into and a standard pair of Samsung-branded IEM noise isolating earphones.

iPhone 4S –  1420-1430mAh battery.
iPhone 5 – up to 8 hours talk time (no details yet, but presumably not even 2000mAh)
Samsung Galaxy S3 – 2100mAh


  1. They seemed to on par with each other. I think Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will kill the iPhone 5. There’s no wat to beat that huge giant.

  2. No Chinese will buy iPhone 5. it is really a rubbush. fuck it’s map. The island which belongs to China is shown as Japanese. fuck, really fuck apple iphone.

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