PNB – Allied Bank Credit Card Promo! GCs from Bon Chon, The Spa, Papa John, Toast Box, Hai Shin Lou

Starting July 16, 2012 up to Oct 16, 2012, spend at least P3,000 with your PNB-Allied Bank Credit Cards and get discounts or GCs from Bon Chon, The Spa, Papa John, Wendy’s, Hai Shin Lou and Toast Box.

Spend Anywhere Promo Mechanics:

1. The promo is open to all active principal and supplementary Allied Bank issued cards, including PNB, in good credit standing (excluding corporate cards). ABC/PNB Credit Card must be in active status at the time of redemption.

2. Promo will run from July 16, 2012 to October 16, 2012.

3. The cardholder must surrender his/her charge slip/s that meet the purchase requirements in a single purchase receipt in order to receive the corresponding gift certificate or discounts.

4. Qualified transactions are local retail transactions (straight and installment) made during the promo period . Excluded from this promo are transactions from:
· Service merchants (gasoline stations, supermarkets and drugstores)
· ATM (cash advances, utility bills payments, etc.)
· Quasi Cash (casino gaming transactions, etc.)
· Non-merchant installment (balance transfer, convert to cash and transaction conversion)
· Foreign currency transactions

5. To redeem, cardholder must surrender the original electronic customer copy of the approved charge slip, and present his/her Allied Bank or PNB credit card used. Cardholder will not be allowed to redeem if the credit card used is not presented.

6. Following are the requirements for the redemption:
a) Name and card number on the charge slip must be the same as the name and card number on the credit card being presented. Any redemption using a different card number shall not be honored (i.e but not limited to charge slips bearing a different card number as a result of lost/stolen credit card are no longer entitled to the program).
b) Transaction date must be within the promo period specified.
c) Amount must be within the minimum required spend.
d) Unreadable, faded or dilapidated charge slips are not valid for redemption.
e) Charge slip must be original electronic customer copy (photocopies, duplicate copy, manual slips of straight purchases and Bank/Merchant copy will not be accepted)
f) Redemption may only be made by the owner of the card; Authorized representatives will not be allowed to redeem on behalf of the cardholder.

7. Freebie may be redeemed at participating merchant partners’ outlets.

8. Cardholder may redeem from July 16, 2012 to December 16, 2012. Transactions however must still be within the promo period, July 16, 2012 to October 16, 2012.

9. Redeemed items are not convertible to cash.

10. The Gift Certificates have one year validity from date of release.

11. SPLITTING OF ONE TRANSACTION INTO SEVERAL SMALLER TRANSACTIONS FOR THE PURPOSE OF GENERATING MULTIPLE CHARGE SLIPS IS NOT ALLOWED. Allied Bank has the exclusive right to determine whether a transaction will be considered as split transactions. Split transactions are those that are made on the same date and under the same merchant. Instead of obtaining authorization for one transaction, the credit card is swiped multiple times, splitting the amount payable into several transactions. Any redemption with the use of these charge slips shall not be honored.

12. Maximum of three (3) redemptions per day per cardholder.

13. Cardholder may only redeem one (1) freebie per charge slip.

14. Cardholder agrees that the Bank will charge the cost of the redeemed items should the latter find out that the cardholder cancelled the qualifying transaction at a later date, transaction used was not posted to his/her account, or did not comply with the Terms and Conditions as stated above.

15. Redemption will be accepted upon validation of the merchant. However, Allied Bank reserves the right to further validate the transaction. Should further inquiry on the transaction prove that it is invalid or not qualified for redemption, cardholder agrees to be charged the equivalent amount of the redeemed freebie.

16. All matters and disputes will be subject to the final decision of Allied Bank. All decisions made by Allied Bank pertaining to the promo, with prior approval by DTI, will be deemed final and irrevocable.

17. This promo cannot be availed in conjunction with another promo.


  1. pls be informed that i redeemed 2 charged slips from bon chon global city but i was advised that i cannot redeemed because it is split transaction. pls be advised that there was no split transaction because one transaction is for one student and the other transaction is for another student. we cannot split the transaction because la salle won’t allow such split. pls verify properly so our effort will not go to waste. we went purposely for this redemption but dismayed because of your weak policy. thank you

  2. They approve one of my globe payments and did not approve the other. Lousy. Your rules and regulations are not clear.

  3. don’t redeem at the same time , split it

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