Marco Polo Club members now enjoy access to Frequent Visitor e-Channels at Hong Kong International Airport

Fast track with Frequent Visitor e-Channels in Hong Kong

Access to the Frequent Visitor e-Channels at Hong Kong International Airport has now been extended to Green members of The Marco Polo Club, allowing all members to enjoy more convenient immigration clearance.

To streamline your clearance process, enrol with your Marco Polo Club membership card and travel documents in person at the Immigration Department Enrolment Booths located at the North and South Arrival Halls of Terminal 1 – then simply scan your travel documents and thumbprint the next time you enter or leave Hong Kong. Enrol to enhance your travel experience today!

Opening hours for both Enrolment Booths have also recently been extended, giving you more flexibility with enrolment times.
South Arrival Hall booth: 7:30am–11:00pm
North Arrival Hall booth: 10:00am–6:00pm

More information about the Frequent Visitor e-Channels can be found at the Hong Kong Immigration Department website.

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