Will facebook launch a google adsense rival advertising campaign?

Photobucket In the future, Facebook and Google will merge to fend off a third rival and call itself FACEBOOGLE.  But not now.  Currently, facebook is rising fast among the web presence ranking and may just be gearing up to act like an advertising agent and offer its ads on other people’s websites and blogs!

For web publishers, we know that Google has been unchallenged in this aspect in giving revenue to blogs.  Past rivals like the Yahoo Publishing Network, or YPN, tried but failed.

Well, now that facebook is going public, it will have no choice but to please the public by showing constant growth.  The next logical step to take soon is to offer its targeted ads to other blog owners outside of facebook.

Facebook cookies merely have to use the data stored within the owner’s personal data and preference, and there will automatically be a targeted ad served by facebook even on websites like this one.

FB has a long way to go and must offer bigger sharing to us publishers, after all, Google already has AdWords, AdSense, DoubleClick, YouTube and AdMob, and is forecast to make $40 billion in 2011, versus $4 billion for Facebook on its current revenue stream.



  1. The merge that will take place between Google and Facebook in the future might actually not have positive implications to consumers. This will mean that these two groups will continue to dominate online advertising which gives them the power to manipulate service charges. Consumers will have the upper hand if they have different companies to choose from as their preferred online advertising partner.

  2. so what are you saying?

    in the current setup right now, who do you have as a google adsense alternative?
    definitely not the likes of adbrite infolinks etc who pale in comparison.

    any merge will be far off.

    for now we will have to be content on facebook doing online ads for publishers as well

  3. I HOPE facebook makes something similair to adsense based on how BAD adsense treats their publishers.

    There customer service is NON existent, purely automated robots who talk to you.

    Sad but true..



  4. And when Facebook introduces an alternative to Adwords/Adsense the whole of the internet community will be turned upside down. Facebook has more trump cards in their hands than google but has been cool enough not to use them just quite yet… yet!

  5. sweet, us publishers might be able to put more than dinner on the table. Go facebook! sites need another half decent way of earning revenue. There just isnt any other than Adsense

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