Healthcare here and around the world

While the Philippines is stuck with pathetic healthcare, much debate still on going with healthcare. particularly the Obamacare signed into law almost two years ago.

Healthcare figures

Otherwise known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act it reforms certain aspects of the private health insurance industry and public health insurance programs by increasing insurance coverage of pre-existing conditions, expands access to insurance to 30 million Americans, and increases projected national medical spending while lowering projected Medicare spending.


Medicaid – joint funded federal-state programme for certain low income and needy groups – eg children, disabled.

Medicare – for people 65 years old and above and some younger disabled people and those with permanent kidney failure undergoing dialysis or transplant.

This bill effectively wants more people to take up insurance, so that the government can spend more on it.

According to this BBC chart, 15.3% of population (45.7 million people) do not have health insurance.

The healthcare system in Singapore is more government-budget-friendly, as the so called Dual system funded by private and public sectors. Public sector provides 80% of hospital care 20% primary care.

Financed by combination of taxes, employee medical benefits, compulsory savings in the form of Medisave, insurance and out-of-pocket payments.

Patients expected to pay part of their medical expenses and to pay more for higher level of service. Government subsidises basic healthcare.

The graff from shows per capita health expenditures for 2008 in U.S. dollars purchasing power parity. Health spending per capita in the United States is much higher than in other countries – at least $2,535 dollars, or 51%, higher than Norway, the next largest per capita spender. Furthermore, the United States spends nearly double the average $3,923 for the 15 countries.

Total Health Expenditure per Capita, U.S. and Selected Countries, 2008

 Exhibit 1

Another website compares healthcare in Canada and Usa:

CDA: 3 Dialysis sessions $0
US:     Physical Therapy @ 3 X wk $300.00
(dialysis costs in the US are estimated at $144 to 172 per session

CDA: Dietitian services $0
US    HealthCare Premiums per month for 2:

           $250.00 ($3000.00 annually)

CDA: Paramedic services $0
US:    (Charged $350.00 in addition to Ambulance Services)

CDA: Emergency surgery $0
US:     Shoulder Surgery $37,000.00 billed
Severe hand burns from firecrackers: $5000.00 (2003)

CDA: 5 day hospital stay $0
US:    2 day hospital stay Pediatric ICU $12,000.00 (2002)

Regular Dr’s visit $0
US:    Co-pay $35.00/Drs fee $250.00 

CDA: Specialist Dr’s visit $0
US:    Co-pay $35.00/Specialist fee $350.00 plus 

: Extensive lab work $0
US:    Lab tests/Blood tests for Diabetes (3) $150.00+

CDA: CT scan $0
US:   $450 – $2000

CDA: X-rays $0
US:    $200.00 minimum, MRI: $3000.00 to $5,000.00 per

CDA: Hearing aid fitting $0
US:     Glasses Exam $150.00

CDA: Hearing aid (for child) $0
US:    Glasses (adult) $450.00+

CDA: Blood transfusion $0
US:   Orthopedic Boot/short $450.00 billed 

CDA: 45 minute ambulance ride $50 (with 80% to be reimbursed)
US:    Ambulance Service $350.00 (2003)

CDA: Prescription $20 (with 80% to be reimbursed)
US:   Rx copay $10.00 to 25.00

CDA: Travel to dialysis $0
US:    patient covers complete cost 
CDA: Grand total (after reimbursement) $14 for 4 people
US:   Approx. $71,000.00 for 2.

Simply put, the Philippines has a long way to go in terms of healthcare and health insurance rates.  Budget can’t seem to come from the pockets of already impoverished Filipinos, while the Philippine Government has only just turned the corner and is recovering from decades of budget deficit.  No one can spend for decent healthcare here, if you’re talking about the masses and the administration.

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