How much is Queen Elizabeth II ‘s net worth?

Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom durin...

How much is the Queen of England worth?

Because most of her wealth is tied to her position and not hers personally, Queen Elizabeth II’s personal worth has never been officially disclosed. Recent estimates were somewhere in the vicinity of $500 million (£300m) as of May 2011 (personal net worth ccording to Sunday Times Rich List. to about 13 blillion pounds (in other Monarch related properties and estates).

In addition, she owns large estates which have not been formally valued and she owns The Duchy of Lancaster which is estimated to be worth $310 million. Other properties include Balmoral Castle in the Scottish Highlands, stud farms, a fruit farm and marine land throughout the U.K.; extensive art and fine jewelry; and one of the world’s largest stamp collections built by her grandfather.

Not included are those assets belonging to the Crown Estate, which she gets to enjoy as Queen, such as $10 billion worth of real estate, Buckingham Palace (estimated to be worth another $5 billion), the Royal Art collection, and unmarked swans on stretches of the Thames. The Crown has claimed ownership of these birds since the 12th century when swan meat was considered a delicacy; they are no longer eaten. The Queen also receives an annual government stipend of $12.9 million.


  1. well, sounds like she’s very rich, but she almost cannot spend them!

  2. I wish the queen would give me some money to build the house.i was born this world poor.and im glad i can undertasd and speak english a little.

  3. A ‘stipend’ of $12.9 million? That’s a years wages for 400 people! WTH? And that’s not even counting the other crap she’s been given. That’s lunacy.

  4. The queen is worth in total over 12 trillion personal spending money 500 million

  5. The money collected on behave of the queen in Canada
    alone is in the billions The bitch should start paying us!

  6. Send is poor

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