Ensogo Promo: Melo’s Steak (ABS-CBN branch) at 55%off

  • http://www.ensogo.com.ph/manila/melos-qc-03012012.html
  • Steak Meal for 1 person (for P888)
    • Pate Appetizer
    • Soup of the Day
    • Caesar Salad
    • Certified Angus Ribeye Steak (7-8oz)
  • Steak and Seafood Meal for 2 for dinner only (for P1,499)
    • Pate Appetizer
    • Soup of the Day
    • Caesar Salad
    • Seafood – choice of greenland halibut, grilled salmon, blackened tuna, prawns carbonara, herbed and pan fried fish fillet and gambini di angelo.
    • Certified Angus Ribeye Steak (5-6oz) or 8oz Certified Angus Cheese Burger
  • Don’t be intimidated by certified and prime grade beef, instead take advantage of its succulence. Try Melo’s high quality steak offerings:
    • Certified Angus Beef – savor what the rage is about with this premium grade beef marbled, aged and then grilled to tender perfection – this is the steak offered in this deal
    • Wagyu – reel with pleasure on your first encounter with the Caviar of Beef – flavorful high grade steaks with perfect fat and lean compositions and a whopping low cholesterol level
  • Whether it’s a steak out or not, Melo’s also offers diners a wide selection of dishes, from appetizers and salads to seafood, pasta and luckily, some decadent desserts and drink concoctions.
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