HSBC credit cards-Starbucks promo is back for one day only!!! Feb. 14, 2012

HSBC will make your Valentine’s Day more rewarding with a treat from Starbucks.

Use your HSBC Credit Card on February 14, 2012 for a single receipt of P2,500 and redeem any tall handcrafted beverage or a 3-pack Starbucks VIATM Ready Brew from Starbucks every Monday and Tuesday from
February 14, 2012 until April 14 2012.

  • Transactions must be made on February 14, 2012 only.
  • Cardholders may redeem until April 14, 2012, every Monday and Tuesday only.
  • Cardholders can redeem up to a maximum of ten (10) Starbucks products for the duration of the Promo Date
    and Redemption Period.
  • Splitting of a single transaction for the purpose of generating multiple charge slips is prohibited.
  • Only one (1) charge slip issued by a particular merchant on a given day can be used to redeem the Starbucks product.
  • All foreign currency and casino transactions will not be honored for redemption.
  • Faded charge slips will not be honored for redemption.
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