how to fix error 3194 when restoring ipad iphone itouch 5.01

FOR ERROR 3194 ON APPLE IOS5 updates on Iphone 4 and Ipad, familiarize yourself with the instructions on this older article that dealt with iOs4. This error 3194 happened to me and i merely edited hosts files to look like this:


then save hosts files.  adding the # comments out the ip address that looks for the apple server.

*for instructions on how to edit your hosts file, follow the link.

Under this environment for iOs5.01 restore/jailbreak:
-I DID NOT even have tinyumbrella TSSSERVER running
-I was running a cooked custom IPSW firmware created by redsnow 9.10

…….. and was able to successfully restore.  If it is still not working, try to close Itunes again, peek at hosts file again because Itunes keeps editing it.  While Itunes is closed, comment out the ip address numbers by putting the #, save, run Itunes again, and restore again.  Good luck!


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