how to fix error 2005 when restoring ipad iphone itouch 5.01

Iphone, Ipad, or Itouch users that recently upgraded to iOs 5.01 whether jailbroken or not, recently encounter error 2005 when restoring iTunes.

When I encountered this error, I was fiddling around with another error 3194, in trying to restore a custom IPSW that contained a preserve-baseband version of the firmware 5.01 cooked under redsnow 9.10.

I was fooling around with the hosts file (see link on how to edit hosts file), also running TSS Server in Tiny Umbrella (see link on how to run Tiny Umbrella TSS Server)

Needless to say, I turned off Itunes, turned off TSS Server, turned off Tiny Umbrella.  edited hosts file to resemble this:


I Saved hosts file, Turned on Itunes, and clicked restore and pointed to my NO_BB custom IPSW firmware and it was now a successful restore!
If it is still not working, try to close Itunes again, peek at hosts file again because Itunes keeps editing it.  While Itunes is closed, comment out the ip address numbers by putting the #, save, run Itunes again, and restore again.  Good luck!


If the above option does not work for you in error 2005, some sites mention changing USB ports, or updating USB drivers.

A user running the virtual windows environment using Parallels under MAC merely when did a shift of the USB cable (ie. from hub to main or main to hub) then it works no problem.


The editing of the hosts solution also works for the error:

“The iPhone Software Update Server could not be contacted”.


  1. hey guys, use this method whoever is on this issue.. Thrust me THIS WORKS!!!


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