Best performing stock markets of 2011, PSEi best in Asia

Philippine equities were among the top index performers in the world (It IS NOT TRUE that the PSEi is ranked third behind Venezuela and US as according to this manila bulletin article) and best in Asia (that much is true), trumping its bigger counterparts such as Indonesia (+1.7 percent) and Thailand (-0.44 percent).

Iceland ICEX, Up 2.6%

Philippines Stock Exchange, Up 3.8%

U.S. Dow Jones Industrial Average, Up 6.3%

Botswana Gaborone Index, Up 8.8%

Tanzania Stock Exchange, Up 12.0%

Jamaica Stock Exchange Market Index, Up 12.8%

Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange, Up 19.3%

Tehran Stock Exchange, Up 29.1%

Panama General Index, Up 29.2%

Mongolia Stock Exchange, Up 32.6%

Venezuela Caracas Stock Exchange, Up 80.8%

Some of these high beta countries do not even come from the classified Emerging Markets list of countries.  From about an index value of 65,000 at the beginning of the year, the Venezuelan Stock Index closed at 117,000 to come in first place as the best performing stock market index of the world for 2011!



  1. boss, Mongolia is in Asia right? so mongolia is better.

  2. tehran also in asia

  3. the good things is, inspite of us,,,the market grew by 3.8%, anyone who is not satisfied with this, can have
    a choice of linvesting in : greece,ireland,italy,or spain,

  4. oops wrong sorry. i meant South East Asia

  5. Dragon, 4.07% dapat, hindi 3.80%? Pls check again.

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