How to refill and recycle our CBTL Gaggia Caffitaly capsules for other brew brands

Most of the stock brokers and traders I know are coffee drinkers.  Sweeping the Philippines are the introduction of self brewing single serve coffee pod machines from Nespresso, Illy, Keurig, and CBTL.  I got the CBTL as the pods are more readily available and the brew is hotter.  CBTL, or coffee bean and tea leaf coffee capsules are limited to around 10 variations. The Italian company Gaggia made the machines under the brand Caffitaly, for a number of different coffee vendrors, and the pods are interchangeable with these machines.  CBTL coffee machine owners are in luck, because we can recycle and reuse these plastic coffee pods or coffee capsules.

Here’s what you do:


After opening the spent coffee pod drawer, simply get the used capsules and open the sealed lid.  Inside, you will see the parts disassembled to look like this:

See the top lid that says caffitaly?  Well, ours may not look like that, and may have our different coffee logo imprinted on it.  That lid already has a hole in it punched by the machine, so it would be easier to use that hole and tear on it further until the whole label lid goes off, then throw it.

Keep those two white filter things containing the coffee within them.  Of course it is better to do this cleaning and emptying under running water.  Also throw away that used coffee.

So you would only be needing those three things for recycling:

The top white filter thing, the bottom white filter thing, the colored cup container.  Yes, the container has a hole in it, but it would not be detrimental to our successful recycling.




Take out that ground coffee of your choice, and set it on the table, along with the three recyclable items, and some small aluminum cut out roughly the diameter of the pod lid.




Simply use the 3 recyclable items, make sure they’re dry.  Place the smaller white plastic plate filter inside first, then place some coffee inside.  Try to press the coffee inside with a spoon to fill the cup until the inner line.  Then Cover using the bigger white plastic filter.  Then use the cut aluminum foil to cover the lid.  Take note not to fold the edges too thick so that the pod will still fit into the opening of the machine.

4. BREW!

Best to have taken note of the position of the original pod while it was inside the machine.  Remember the place of the original UNRECYCLED pod when you just put it in, before closing the silver lid?  Well, that’s just about the position where you want your RECYCLED pod to land when you put it in.

So when you insert your RECYCLED pod, a few parts of the protruding foil edges may hamper smooth insertion, so you might have to push a little with your fingers, and use your eyes to see so you would know when to stop pushing.

As the machine is churning and whirring, the brew should come out shortly or else something went wrong and the pod might not have been inserted correctly.

After the savory brew, you would notice that the recycled pod had a similar punched foil!



  1. What a splendid idea reusing Caffitaly pods!
    Have tryed it and it works perfectly.

  2. I have tried that also and it is ok. Just coffee maker is a bit dirty. What is actually a problem for me is to make proper tea or choccolate capsule. I know that they miss filters and they are 2x time more weight than coffe. However when i try to fill capsule with some another chocco powder it fails. Water can not go through capsule and coffee machine stands on error.

    any expirience on that?

  3. maybe because the choco granules are not ground enough to pass through the capsule system

  4. When using choco. You don’t need the top filter.

  5. thanks guy, it is helpful for me.

  6. Thank you so much for this tutorial! I tried it and it worked perfectly! I cut my foil in circles, just a little larger than the pod and tucked it under real well. Went in smooth!

  7. Doesn’t it make any kind of mess (which could cause problems with the machine)? I’ve read elsewhere that they encountered water-spraying everywhere when recycling used capsules.

  8. recyclable and reusable are 2 different things and it does not mean the same, recycle, you melt it and do something else, reuse it means you wash it and reuse it… i know i know, it’s very confusing, cat and car meant the same to me for a long time, one letter difference and the r looks so much like a t…. 😉

  9. @anonymous, this article is from Manila, Philippines. English words are used in different contexts all over the world and technically the words do mean the same. This article is extremely brilliant..

  10. Just tried this on a CBTL machine and it works fabulous!!!
    Thank you very much for the hint. One tip, I used fine ground coffee, tamped it down snug with a bottle cap and sealed it with heavy duty foil, crimping it very well around the lip. No problem feeding in, no leakage and it freely droped out below after the brew cycle ended all ready for another reload.

  11. nice tip!

  12. Great ! I will try it. Cobbled something up before but the grounds got into the system – think I left the foil off !

  13. it is wonderfull, thanks.

  14. You can purchase round foil labels that self stick. They work great!

  15. This is a great idea! How many times can you reuse the capsules/filters?

  16. Do all Caffitaly pods look this way when opened?

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