Attention: HSBC cardholders – HSBC revised rules and redemption period for Starbucks, Caltex, Cebu Pacific, Cathay Pacific promos

HSBC cardholders – please take note of the several changes made by HSBC regarding the redemption and promo period.  These rules take effect October 1, 2011.  Click on the links below and read the terms and conditions page as well.  All the promos for starbucks, caltex, cebu pacific, cathay pacific, red mastercard have redemption period now.


Cebu Pacific:

Cathay Pacific:


RED Mastercard:


  1. keana arquillano says:

    are there any other freebies that we can get from using hsbc credit card? similar to those of other credit cards

  2. Josefina israel says:

    How o i transfer my points into my mabuhay miles? Or how do i convert my points into freebies fr cebu pacific or cathay pacific tickets?

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