Apple Iphone overtakes Nokia as top handset mobile, but Android still top OS

You might wonder why the prolific apple is still at the backseat to Google’s just infant Android.  Well, the answer is simple.  Quite  a number companies making handheld mobile phones use the Android platform, while only Apple uses the iOS platform.

According to Nielsen survey, Android makes up a 39 percent slice of the market, while the Apple’s iOS has a 28 percent share, followed by RIM’s Blackberry with 20 percent.

Trailing the three top platforms, Microsoft’s Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7 combined grabbed 9 percent of the market, leaving HP’s Palm/WebOS with 2 percent, and Nokia’s Symbian also with 2 percent, Nielsen said.

(Credit: Nielsen)

No wonder Blackberry’s Research in Motion RIM has taken a beating in the stock market lately.

Bloomberg reports that Neil Mawston, an analyst at Boston-based Strategy Analytics has indicated that Samsung may have surpassed Nokia and Apple’s sale in Smartphone market for second quarter of the current fiscal year, thanks to its Galaxy range of Smartphones.  Samsung has sold between 18 million and 21 million Smartphones across the globe for both Android OS as well as its own Bada OS whereas Nokia is estimated to have sold not more than 16.7 million units. Apple falls in the second place with 16.7 million iPhones sold in the time between April and June.

Another study has forecast Apple to lose out more market share by 2015, as their smartphone remains priced at a premium.  Windows Phone devices will hold only 5% of the market in all of 2011, but will jump to nearly 20% in 2015, the prediction states.  Apple’s iPhone will garner 19.4% of the smartphone market in 2011, making it second behind Android, and will hold that second-place spot into 2014, Gartner said. But in 2015, iPhone will dip to third place with 17.2% of the 1.1 billion smartphones sold that year.


Lately, Apple’s Iphone seem to have beefed up some market share by going into partnership with Verizon.



  1. Good news. Will Apple iPhone games beat Nintendo 3DS game market?

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