How to defeat Google Panda

Pandas are supposed to be near extinction, but when the new Google search/web indexing algorithm called Google Panda hits you, your website will be near extinction if it is a fake website.  SEO enthusiasts all know that google indexes website and ranks them according to content, backlinks, etc., and takes all these into consideration into your placement on their search engine rankings.

Last April 2011, Google implemented Google Panda.  Fake websites with copied content were given big demerits and suddenly didn’t count.  Some of these fake sites actually led to nowGoogle Panda Update 2.2here and were nothing but links, and are otherwise called MFAs, or made for adsense sites.  They’re made just to get external hits, and doesn’t care about the viewer getting crap to read.  This can also be called Scraper detection, where scraper sites that re-publish content are out ranking the original source.

However,  what happened was MFA sites with higher rankings were treated by the google bot as the “original” site, while the real site where content came from was treated as the fake copying site and thus lost its ranking.

This was all supposedly fixed in the July 2011 Google Panda 2.2 re-indexing, which made even more fake websites lose their placement in Google search.

So how can you beat google panda?

1. You can’t.  You can’t prevent google panda from entering your site.  Unless you want to be a hermit and don’t want google or anybody else entering your website, this is impossible.

2.  Fake sites or trying hard copy paste SEO wannabes better just GTFOut, because only original content with quality writing and stable base of readers will rule.

3. If you are a true website with true content, then re-write your content.  Think of it as the teacher returning your homework to you for a redo.  One publisher writes, “I rewrote poor content. By poor, it was either too short, badly phrased, spelling errors, partial or exact copies from other sites. Articles are now varied in length, and high quality. Not all articles fixed, but a large proportion, and the worst ones done first.”

After everything, don’t fret if your site has not yet recovered from the Panda re-indexing.  Think of what you’re doing as passion, and you’ll take gratification in that itself.

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