Ipad Iphone Itouch Picture problems. camera not saving picture, screenshot not saving to saved photos album

Yes, even that can be a problem sometimes.  You find yourself taking the camera picture, the shutter sound clicking, but photos are not saved and not going into the camera roll.  Similarly, You press the home button and sleep button at the same time on your iOS device, and see the familiar quick “white flash” or blinking with clicking sound to tell you that the screenshot was successful, only to see no Photos taken or saved into your Saved Photos Album.  Sometimes, you can’t even see any Saved Photos Album, because it’s empty!

Usually, the reason this happens is due to the numerous apps we install, especially the photo picture related apps that mess up with our photo album’s directory structure and permissions.

To fix this, we need to SSH into your Ios Device.  Click the link to find out how.

For the Camera not taking pictures problem, the solution is to change the folders permission to 777 so that the camera can write to it.

1. Log in using SSH
2. change permission of the following folders to 777

For the Screenshot not saving to Saved Photos problem, navigate to var/mobile/media/ set the DCIM folder’s permissions to

User – read, write, execute
Group – Read, Execute

Then go into the DCIM folder and set the 100Apple Permissions folders to

User – Read, Write, Execute

That should make the iphone be able to make and use the miscellaneous folder to render the thumbnails.

You can also then go into the 100Apple folder which holds are your images and if you see a .MISC folder set it’s permissions to

User – Read, Write, Execute
Group – Read, Write, Execute
World – Read, Write, Execute

Remember: Set user permissions on folder /private/var/mobile/Media/DCIM to 755, while selecting the option “Set group, owner and permissions recursively” (so the permissions will be set to all folders under DCIM)


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