How to SSH into Ipad Iphone Itouch to get files or change permissions and view directory

  1. SSH can be a beautiful thing.  It is what allows a jailbroken iOS device’s file contents to be viewed and edited and copied like you do on Windows File Explorer.

Before you proceed, some level of computer know how is required and a desire to be challenge won’t hurt, especially if you’re not too much of a computer geek.  So If you don’t even know how to copy, paste delete, or right click, please don’t continue.

Your jailbroken iOS device should have Cydia, and OPENSSH installed inside your Cydia for you to be able to SSH

Now for pc download WinSCP
For Mac Download Cyberduck

Open up your program and enter the following settings:transferphotosiphonecomputer thumb How to Transfer Images from Computer to iPhone using SSH

hostname – you Ipad’s IP Address (Go to your Idevice’s network settings > Wifi > your network name) (it may also look something like or similar)

User Name – root
Password – alpine

protocol – for cyberduck use SFTP, for WinSCP use SCP.

Here are the common favorites directory locations of people SSH-ing

Where to find saved pictures in Ipad Iphone Ios Itouch devices?

Where are my saved ipa files downloaded in Installous? Which download directory are they located?

/var/mobile/Library – This directory holds your Safari Bookmarks & your SBSettings toggles and themes.

var/stash – this directory holds your default Ringtones, Wallpapers, and most importantly, your Winterboard packages/hacks.

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