Fair Usage Policy or Metered Internet in the Philippines

Blame it on Netflix for that streaming video.  Blame it on HD video downloads for bottle-necking bandwidth worldide.

The implementation of a Fair Use Policy is proliferating to be a global industry practice of telecommunications providers all over the world. Telcos in countries like United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and HongKong have adopted their respective FUPs in order to give subscribers equal opportunities to access their services while protecting the quality of  their resources.

In a recent internal analysis, Globe Telecoms said about 5 percent of abusive subscribers use 80 percent of the available broadband Internet bandwidth in the company’s network.  This leaves only 20 percent of the capacity to be shared by 95 percent of the remaining users.  Last 2010, Globe implemented a policy that promotes a more responsible way of using the Internet that will ensure fair and optimum usage of its broadband services across all subscribers.  The usage cap, it said, would affect only users who download data in excess of 1 gigabyte a day, or the equivalent of about 250 MP3 songs.

Smart Telecoms has some sort of FUP limit of 1.5GB.

Currently, Fair usage policy or metered internet usage in the Philippines is not mandated by The National Telecommunications Commission, which means companies are not yet required to comply in charging pay per use.

Last year, the NTC proposed some sort of metered internet usage, and public out-roar prompted NTC to hold an open forum at their headquarters last January 11 2011.  NTC held off any law requiring metered internet use, saying that by putting a limit on broadband internet will only restrict the growth of industries that heavily rely on it.

Personally, I have no qualms of pay per use of the internet, so as to stem abusive users who just download porn and other media they won’t even use anyway.  Just as long as the charges to the consumer is “fair” as well, and not lopsided in favor of the telecom companies.  So what amount am I willing to consider “Fair”. Probably something less than 50 pesos per Gig.

How much bandwidth does an average user really consume?

With an 800MB capacity, you can do the following activities using the Internet:
· Send/receive 22,400 plain text emails
· Send/receive 2,720 emails with document attachments
· View 2,720 web pages
· Download 200 songs
· Upload/download 1,600 social media posts
· View 272 minutes of streaming video
· Download 1 90-minute movie

Currently, Skybroadband offers 15GB usage for only 1,000 pesos per month.  That’s equal to 42 episodes of TV shows of 350mb in size worth of downloads per month, or 20 movies 700 mb in size. If you don’t download those movies, well you can consume your allocation by surfing about 51,000 regular web pages per month, or 1,700 pages daily.  This does not include data transferred to your computer using software running in the background like Yahoo Messenger, Facebook updating itself live, and antivirus database updating itself frequently.

Skybroadband has an unevenly unrealistically skewed online computation method for calculating how much bandwidth you the user actually use per month. Their tally does not include downloading videos, chat, live yahoo messengers and other online applications like Facebook turned on 24/7.


  1. Way to go!!! Congratulations for sending the Philippines back to the dark ages. Aren’t these internet and telecom companies happy with their ‘Tubong lugaw’ profit? They are so greedy!!!

  2. They should stop marketing their products as unlimited. They should market them as plan 999 1gb/mo, plan 999 1.5gb/mo, plan 1000 15gb/mo, etc.

    They should also be fair such that they ensure that connections are stable. In my experience, having intermittent connections is more normal than the supposed service they give for what you pay.

  3. unlimited data plan cap…. ah yes my bane of my mobile life… kaya nga your paying for the unlimited internet…. oh wait 1.5 gb is all i get till they send me to 1990’s internet speeds…. 24 kbs/s … oh its slower i tell you..

  4. PLDT took over Smartbro canopy and is now adopting Skybroadband’s 15GB a month also. I play online games that use over 1gb a day. I’m totally fucked up now.

  5. Ma. Dolores says:

    i was throttled by smartbro, the service was so slow it kept timing out, so In called them, they said fair use policy, I said what is the limit, so I know where i stand, they said we are not allowed to say, and your service is unlimited , EH?? so the author above says this stops abuse of the system, I say at what point did I go from being a valued customer to an abusive customer?

  6. Ma. Dolores says:

    5% of customers use 80% of resources, sounds like the wealth distribution curve of the philippines, PLDT executuves at the top, FUP is just a way of oversubscribing the service the same way airlines sell mor tickets than there are seats

  7. 7YearsCanopyUser says:

    my canopy is now turning seven years of existence on the top of my roof, i paid full even service are not available and slow.. but im happy i get unlimited surfing but now im planning of getting my canopy to get a rest and find another internet providers…. SMART/PLDT dont want to upgrade (too expensive to them) so they just limit and make their “VALUED/LOYAL CUSTOMER” have a UNLIMITED Internet from 1mbps to 20kbps….. im still locked up with their fucking 24 months lock in period contract that have a unlimited internet service 1mbps/monthly 24/7…… now cant even watch online vid with “1MBPS” im paying for the contract that i signed

  8. reece nichole says:

    i called up smart hotline to report my very slow internet connection. they gave me a reference number and advice me to follow it up the next day. when i did, the reference number was invalid and i could not get through the operator. they always cut my call. so i went to smart office to complain. i wast told that i reached my monthly allocation of 1.5g as per ntc’s fup. i have to wait for 18 days before my speed will be resume. i said that i could not even open my email. i was told that they cant do anything about it otherwise media will attack them and advice me to upgrade to plan 1,990 of pldt. if i do so, they will wave my lock in contract with them and will not be affected by the fup. what difference does it make? doesnt make sense to me. total stupidity

  9. Eeda Zerhep says:

    First off, I know that comments are supposed to be short and straight to the point, but with this kind of news, I couldn’t make my comment any shorter. If you want to hear the shortest comment I could ever say, it would be “This is just stupidity at its finest.”. I mean, come on. It would be slightly fair if you would put an FUP limit to those who have high internet speeds such as 6MBPS and above but, placing an FUP limit to ALL kinds of internet speeds? That’s just unfair. You have to get what you pay for. People who pay more than 3,000 pesos just to get their desired speed, only to be limited to, let’s say, 1.5GB, is TOTALLY unfair. They might as well just sign up for a contract of 1MBPS since they’re not allowed to go beyond 1.5GB. What a pain, really.

  10. Hindi lang sa internet nangyayari yan kundi sa mga calls din… Yung policy nila nakakatanga lang… Yung Unlimited nila actually Limited lang almost 5 to 6 hours lang yung bilang ko… tsk3… CORRUPT!

  11. Tagabukid says:

    Not paying anymore for the rest of the months. Disconnect na kung disconnect. Switching as soon as that happens. Nagtiis na kami ng ilang taong hindi as advertised yung speeds nila. Loyal pa rin kami. Pero ngayon hindi lang mabagal, EXPLICIT na talaga na 20kb/s lang ang makukuha mo for 95% of the time you’re paying for “unlimited”. Enough nang panloloko. Wala yan sa kontrata. If this is how you treat your long-time subscribers, good luck na lang sa “retention” ninyo. Judging from the reactions on the net, nagdagsaan nang umaalis sa MyBro.

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