Worst Nightmare: Applying for a Standard Chartered Credit Card (free IPOD promo)

One of the worst… wait, on second thought, THE WORST credit card application process I’ve gone through is when I applied for a Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) Credit Card.   Would you believe that getting an auto loan or a housing loan is much much easier and faster?

It all started when I saw their free Ipod shuffle promo.  I applied online and waited for someone to contact me.  A few days later, someone from an outsourced company called me and asked me to fax and email the necessary docs like passport, driver’s license, billing statement, etc.  After sending those docs, an agent called me again to resend the docs since they are unclear.  So I emailed again and she said that all docs are in order and would be submitted to SCB.  For this process alone, I had to talk to three different agents.

Around one week later, an SCB employee called me to verify my application.  She asked me all the details that I have written in the credit card application.  Quite frankly, I already found their process to be too tedious.  I have applied more than ten times to several credit card companies and this is the first time I was interviewed like I was applying for a job.  A few days later, two more employees called my workplace to verify.

Two weeks passed and I received a text that my application had been approved.  Today, the courier arrived to deliver my card.  At first, he asked for my passport.  I showed him a photocopy and he verified it to be correct.  Then, he gave me a form that said CREDIT CARD ACTIVATION FORM.   I needed to fill in my name, birthday, mother’s maiden name, phone number and signature into that form.   This is when I refused to put all those confidential info for the courier to see.  I called the SCB customer service and asked why they are asking me to divulge such confidential info to a third party.  The CSR could not give me any answer, she just said that it is their SOP.  I asked for a higher authority and the name of their department head, but  she refused to give it to me and asked me to call the Makati hotline.  I called the Makati hotline and was redirected to the credit card dept.  @#$%$^#!!!  This has got to be one of the stupidest SOP I’ve heard.  I can activate the card thru phone so why do I need to fill up the form??? Also, the CSR said  “it is just the birthday and mother’s maiden name, so why dont you just write it?”  HELLO??? I cannot believe that I am hearing this from someone who works for a credit company.  I thought of falsifying the data, just to get the card, but then again, why give my business to their company.   Finally, I returned the card to the courier.  In total, I talked to at least 7 persons in a span of one month, and still did not get my card.  I applied for a car loan, talked to three persons and got the car in just three days.  I applied for another loan and was interviewed twice and got the proceeds in 1 day.   I guess they dont really like to give out the free Ipod shuffle.

Their customer service pales in comparison with that of HSBC credit card.  I recently asked for a credit increase and they were very pleasant and hospitable.   They just asked me to fax a billing statement of another company that I have a higher credit limit with.  Also, waiving the financial charges and annual fees are done without any stress on my part.


  1. mcgradyfan says:

    Hi, I guess you are right, they dont want to give away the ipod shuffle. Ive never heard of this promo, seems too good to be true. Perhaps after you get the card, there would be a minimum spend amount before you can get the ipod. Its such a shame, cause I was thinking of getting one myself (The Nokia SCB card), and Ive noticed that their spend promos are quite good (free Seattles Best Coffee).

    Speaking of promos, I think SCB, HSBC and PNB-Allied cards have very good spend promos this time. Ditto EastWest Card. However, those who pioneered this scheme, like BPI, Metrobank, and Citibank have lousy promos the past few months….

  2. apply ka na lang and i will be your supplemntary card? 😀

  3. mcgradyfan says:

    Hehehe. Have dragon apply for one, then we both could be his supplementary. :)

  4. likre

  5. like

  6. Seriously? Is this your story? Everything you said happened is more than normal. Dude you really need to get a life!

  7. silversurfer says:

    bro,what happened to you happened to me too before. ang daming kausap. it happened to me sa amex credit card. i also wanted to tell them to go to hell too sa dami ng kausap. my theory is because marami scam artist. so they are being extra careful.
    but yung asking for personal data… that is really uncalled for and stupid.

  8. d.martins says:

    more than normal?
    so, abnormal?

  9. :)

  10. Standard Chartered Bank says:

    Dear Standard Chartered Bank Customer,

    We take note of your feedback on our services and would like to clarify the concerns you have raised.

    To enable us to proceed with responding to your concerns, may we request that you send us your name, contact details and preferred time to be called through email at Iask.SCB@sc.com. You may likewise get in touch with our 24-hr Contact Centre at 830-1111.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Standard Chartered Bank

  11. dear SCB,

    your response is crap. you want the aggrieved customer to get in touch with you, but you give an impersonal faceless loop of a number to call to?

  12. Mr. Leo says:

    To Credit and Collection Department
    Standard Charter Bank
    PLease contact me thru my email address, I dont want to post my problem publicly.

  13. part 2… they called again today asking for personal details. i told them i do not want to give out my details since they have all the details they need. they said that they just wanted to verify if the account is really mine. i already presented my ID to the courier before. If that does not confirm my identity then I wonder what else should I do? submit my dna? getting a U.S. Visa is even faster than getting their card. on the other hand, i applied for bpi card and all they made was two phone calls.

  14. Very unfortunate incident indeed. Weird. We got ours easily 2 years ago before they implemented spending promos and freebies upon registration. So far, we are very satisfied with their service. They easily waive the annual fees and we get perks from their spending promos.

  15. I think you’re over reacting.

    Every bank has it’s own SOP to follow in approving credit card application. The basic rule is easy, if you don’t want to go through the agony of applying for a card, then don’t. Noone’s forcing you. I just find it funny that you had to rant about it, when it is not too big of a deal like they aggravated you that much, when you just needed to sign and provide a few information. Mind you, Mother’s Maiden Name and Birthday don’t account as private information as Password and PIN numbers. You may wanna rethink that.

    Unlike home loans, personal loans, and car loans, banks have legal documents to go after you when you become a delinquent payer (not to mention, collaterals), so it is understandable to any human mind, that the process for these types of loans is easier.

    Two words for you – Exag, Gerated! :)

  16. To Customer Service:

    I just would like to raise my concern. I applied for a credit card last June 7, through online application, upon checking on your website that the Ipod Shuffle promo was extended until June 15, 2011.
    I was called by an agent last June 23 verifying some information and requesting me to submit some documents. I asked the agent if I am qualified for the promo since she called when the promo has already elapsed and she said yes since I submitted my application before June 15.

    On July 8, my credit card has been approved. I made 3 purchases then texted Globe 2338 for my free ipod shuffle then I received a confirmation response.

    I called Standard Chartered on July 20 and ask how will I be able to get my Ipod Shuffle. The agent said (Toni Reyes) that I did not qualify since the promo ended last May 2011 and my card was approved July 8, 2011. I said based on your website it was extended until June 15, 2011 and aside from that there is an ongoing promo from July 1 to September 30, 2011. This means that I should still be qualified since I applied before June 15 and was approved July 8 which covers the period of the 1st and 2nd promo of Ipod. Tony said he will get back to me through call within the day. I cannot wait for the call so I called again after an hour and was able to talked to Mariel Olicia. This time her reason was different, she said that I did not qualify because I was not able to accomplish all the parameters which is to apply online, to text and to call for my intent to join the promo.

    Why do I still need to text and to call to inform my intent to join the Ipod promo when I already applied for credit card online during the promo and was approved during the promo? Aside from that I also texted Globe 2338 (after 3 purchases using my credit card) for my free Ipod, my name, credit card number and color of choice then I received confirmation from 2338.

    Please enlighten me. It says on your website that I can apply through any of the 3 means: online, text or call but it does not say I need to do all 3 means.

    I was being promised by the agent that I was qualified for the promo during my submission of requirements and now that I am approved and made my purchases I was being denied of the promo. By the way, my friend got her Ipod Shuffle just through applying online without even calling or texting. So why is your treatment to clients not consistent?

  17. there are a lot of fraudsters out there, so credit card companies need to be more careful..this is normal i applied for citibank and went through the same process. give them a break , your ranting about something that’s totally normal..peace! :-) :-)

  18. in time of crisis,as credit card users we ask the company foe payment assistance as a sign that we want to pay whatever is due to us but i guess the worst credit and collection officer is from your bank.they are so arrogant and worst as if they own the bank.do they have proper trainings in handling such calls.i am not surprise if people dont answer your calls!!!

  19. Dear Standard Chartered Bank,
    Just this morning I received a call from one of you agents isomething asking me why I have not been paying an account which I have, as per agreement with a previous agent, finished paying. I told the agent that I finished paying it already and have talked to the SBC agent last summer about it. I am so confused so I asked the agent…so does it mean that your bank, Standard Chartered Bank, has no word of honor. I cannot take your bank’s word to the bank? You are collecting something which we have agreed – through you agent- that is already finished?
    If banks like yours are like that, whom can we trust? Do we need paper trails for something which ordinary people would take in honor. Does that mean we need to get a lot of paper work from you guys to ensure that you do your end of the deal, too?

  20. I agree, based on my repeated experiences, Standard Chartered Phils has the worst customer service among the foreign big banks..

    In y experience Citi hs the best service, followed by HSBC…

  21. standard chartered credit card application status
    application no #CCA495hm9I

  22. Standard Chartered rly has the worst service. The CSRs I’ve spoken to on the phone have been pleasant enough, but they just can’t fix a broken machine.

    I got a call from a CSR two weeks ago, saying that there are suspicions of fraud on my account, and that the credit card will be blocked immediately after the call, that I should expect my replacement card within 5 working days. That’s a long time to wait, but I agreed.

    I call the hotline two weeks later to follow up on the card, and the CSR tells me that while there is a log of the call I received 2 weeks prior, my card has not been blocked. Then he suggested (apologetically) that he would block the card after the call, then I should wait another 5 working days for the replacement.

    This is just further evidence of a machine that is just utterly broken.

    To those commenting that what the blogger went through is normal process, and that he should stop complaining: Either you are spambots from the company, or you have terribly low expectations.

  23. thanks for your sharing your experience in SBC now i know my decision. I would not apply nor accept the application.

  24. if you want their card then keep on applying….this is my 3rd time to apply and i received a text that my application is aproved …. lets see if what happened next…..

  25. UAE,standard chartered everywhere same ridiculous services I applied for a personal finance after saying approval in 3days now 2 weeks under process and nobody able to give me answer infinitely under process……..i decided to dump this bank.

  26. I agree worst card application, worst customer service ever…. Nagrequest aq change of delivery address lng ng card instead na sa house sa office nlng, they give me 7 to 10 banking days but up to now it’s almost 2 months na 2 day wala parin un card ko , I follow up more than 6x to them but still lagi nila cnsabi for approval daw my god approve na un card na un for delivery nlng so how come para mging ganun katagal nmn un na as if eh card plng un iaaprove… Un pin ang tagal ko n nariciv but un card wala… I guess tintapoz lng nga nila un iPod shuffle promo…. Sana ndi nlng cla nag-offer ng ganyan if ayaw nila ibigay…. Buti pa sa metro bank at east west na-avail ko un promo nila free swatch voucher worth 3k at timex na watch….. Hayzzz poor standard chartered worst credit card ever!!!!! Damn!!!!!!!!

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