Philippine senators net worth 2011: richest to poorest

Again, real estate magnate and ex-presidential bet Senator Manuel Villar Jr. remains the Philippine Senate’s richest member.

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV is still the poorest with P3.8 million., based on their 2010 Statement of Assets and Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN) they submitted to the Senate.

Here is the 2010 net worth of senators based on their SALNs:

(1) Manuel Villar – P725.2 million (P947.88 million in 2009)
(2) Ralph Recto – P418.5 million (only elected in 2010)
(3) Ferdinand Marcos Jr. – P311.5 million (only elected in 2010)
(4) Ramon Bong Revilla Jr. – P125.7 million (P123.73 million in 2009)
(5) Juan Ponce Enrile – P116 million (P118.8 million in 2009)
(6) Jinggoy Estrada – P93.5 million (P84.03 million in 2009)
(7) Sergio Osmeña III – P82.3 million (only elected in 2010)
(8) Pia Cayetano – P76.7 million (P75.85 million in 2009)
(9) Teofisto Guingona III – P73.9 million (only elected in 2010)
(10) Edgardo Angara – P70 million (P64.2 million in 2009)
(11) Vicente Sotto III – P48.9 million (only elected in 2010)
(12) Loren Legarda – P45.5 million (P45.54 million in 2009)
(13) Juan Miguel Zubiri – P41.2 million (P38.28 million in 2009)
(14) Miriam Defensor-Santiago – P40.3 million (P40.3 million in 2009)
(15) Franklin Drilon – P33.4 million (only elected in 2010)
(16) Panfilo Lacson – P24.7 million (P24.23 million in 2009)
(17) Gregorio Honasan – P19.3 million(P17.65 million in 2009)
(18) Lito Lapid – P18.9 million (P15.9 million in 2009)
(19) Alan Peter Cayetano – P15.9 million (P16.95 million in 2009)
(20) Francis Pangilinan – P12.4 million (P12.02 million in 2009)
(21) Joker Arroyo – P11 million (P11.05 million in 2009)
(22) Francis Escudero – P8 million (P8 million in 2009)
(23) Antonio Trillanes IV – P3.8 million (P3.47 million in 2009)

Villar’s net worth in 2010 was lower by over P222 million compared to his net worth declaration in 2009, which was pegged at P947.88 million.

Trillanes’ net worth increased by just over P300,000. His net worth declaration in 2009 was P3.47 million.

A list of the senators’ SALN declaration in 2009 may be viewed here.

The net worth is calculated by subtracting a senator’s liabilities from his/her declared assets.

According to our article on How Much a Philippine government official makes, a senator receives about P40,000 a month.

Under Presidential Decree 677, which amended Republic Act 3019 (Anti Graft and Corrupt Practices Act), all government employees are required to file their “true detailed and sworn statement of assets and liabilities, including a statement of the amounts and sources of his income, the amounts of his personal and family expenses and the amount of income taxes paid” every year

Last year, their 2009 ranking looked like this:

  • 1) Manuel Villar — P947.88 million
  • 2) Ma Ana Consuelo ‘Jamby’ Madrigal — P145.61 million
  • 3) Ramon ‘Bong’ Revilla Jr. — P123.73 million
  • 4) Juan Ponce Enrile — P118.8 million
  • 5) Jinggoy Estrada — P84.03 million
  • 6) Pilar Juliana ‘Pia’ Cayetano — P75.85 million
  • 7) Edgardo Angara — P64.2 million
  • 8) Manuel ‘Mar’ Roxas II — P62.92 million
  • 9) Loren Legarda — P45.54 million
  • 10) Miriam Defensor Santiago — P40.3 million
  • 11) Juan Miguel Zubiri — P39.28 million
  • 12) Rodolfo Biazon — P30.69 million
  • 13) Richard Gordon — P26.52 million
  • 14) Panfilo Lacson — P24.23 million
  • 15) Gregorio Honasan II — P17.65 million
  • 16) Alan Peter Cayetano — P16.95 million
  • 17) Lito Lapid — P15.9 million
  • 18) Benigno Simeon Aquino III — P15.44 million
  • 19) Francis Pangilinan — P12.02 million
  • 20) Joker Arroyo — P11.05 million
  • 21) Aquilino Pimentel Jr. — P10.69 million
  • 22) Francis ‘Chiz’ Escudero — P8 million
  • 23) Antonio Trillanes IV — P 3.47 million

Villar’s net worth in 2009 was lower by P1 million compared to his net worth declaration in 2008.


sources: gmanews, abs-cbn


  1. freakvsslap says:

    Really? Chiz only has 8M on total assets and Trillanes 3.8M? O_O

  2. jonardds says:

    hope they can also transform our country’s economy same as they did with their wealth…

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