Top 10 highest grossing ipad iphone itouch apps

Apple’s top 10 highest grossing apps on its Itunes app store is mostly made up of entertainment apps.

#1: At Bat 2010

Cost: Free
Details: Schedules, standings, postseason results, breaking news for teams, video highlight library, interactive rosters, and player stats helped make this one of the bestselling iPhone apps of 2010. The app is free for the moment-but once the 2011 season begins, expect to pay around $15.

#2: Angry Birds

Cost: Free
Details: This bestselling game asks players to hurl extremely irate birds at extremely rickety structures holding extremely ugly pigs. It’s more fun than it sounds.

#3: Call of Duty: War of Worlds – Zombies

Cost: $4.99
Details: Who likes shooting zombies? Evidently a lot of people.

#4: Bejeweled 2

Cost: $0.99
Details: A puzzle game involving gems.

#5: Friend Caller 3 Pro

Cost: Free
Details: Free worldwide VOIP calls to other FriendCaller 3 Pro users (meaning that the WiFi-enabled iPod Touch can also use this app for calls). Costs apply for calls to landlines and other mobile devices.

#6: Zombie Farm

Cost: Free
Details: Apple’s love affair with zombies continues in this game, which lets you grow the undead.

#7: TomTom USA

Cost: $49.99
Details: This navigation app offers real-time traffic updates (with route evaluation based on traffic speeds), advanced lane guidance, destination dialing, route sharing, and other features.

#8: Tetris

Cost: $2.99
Details: Hasn’t moved from the #8 ranking since 2009. The classic game, which involves stacking asymmetrical bricks in unbroken rows, has several cool modes, such as “bubble wrap” and “magic crayon.”

#9: Plants vs Zombies

Cost: $2.99
Details: This tower-defense game became enormously popular early in 2010, as thousands of users leapt at the chance to pelt cartoon zombies with anthropomorphic vegetables and fruit.

#10: Doodle Jump

Cost: $0.99
Details: If a 7-year-old had the budget and programming abilities of a games studio, they’d probably design something that looks like this.


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