Unique Summer Getaways: Abe’s Farm, Las Casas Filipinas, The Coffee Farmhouse, Casa San Pablo

Summer is here!!! It is so hot today that I cannot believe that I had been sleeping without the A/C for the past week. I doubt that I will be doing that tonight. This heat had me searching for places to go to this summer. While summer vacation would not be complete without a trip to the beach, pools and resorts, domestic tourist spots or nearby asian countries, I’ve searched for a couple of unique spots to go this summer. I have not been to any of these places yet but the reviews and the customer service (handling my inquiries) seem satisfactory.

The Coffee Farmhouse: http://thecoffeefarmhouse.wordpress.com/
The place is located near Splendido, Alfonso Cavite. As far as I know, the weather on this side of Taal is cooler than the Tagaytay Highlands side. I’ve stayed in the Sunrise Hotel (opposite Splendido) for several summers and almost always there’s fog at night. The Tagaytay Highlands side is usually windier but not really cool. From what I gathered from the reviews, the package rate is on a per person basis. You are provided with meals and there are several activities for you to do. Plus, unlimited coffee!!!

Las Casas Filipinas: http://www.lascasasfilipinas.com/
Want to travel back in time to Philippines circa 1900s? This seem to be the perfect place as there are several heritage houses that the owner bought, moved and reconstructed brick by brick on their property. They now offer several packages that include food and accommodations for overnight stays as well as day tours.

Abe’s Farm Spa Village in Pampanga: http://abesfarm.com.ph/
Who can resist Pampanga food? For less than 2 hours drive from Manila, Abe’s Farm is one of the places you are guaranteed to have good food and good service. The place is now transformed into a weekend retreat for couples, families and friends. They also offer spa services like massages, scrubs and facials.

Casa San Pablo in San Pablo Laguna: http://www.casasanpablo.com/

A little farther south is the quaint family resort Casa San Pablo.  Be treated like a house guest with their very homely and friendly services.  One can go there to dine, spend a day or a night even.  Several packages are available and it is best to call or contact the owner, Mr. Boots Alcantara to discuss your preferences.  Visiting around nearby attractions may include a visit to pottery gallery of Ugo Bigyan, which is 30 minutes drive for Casa, and no entrance fee.  Or  book a trip to Carlito Ortega, which is 15 minutes from Ugo, demonstration as to how he does brass sculpture, fee of less than 200pesos per.  Or visit and have a mirienda in Sampoloc lake, pay upon order  at the restaurant of Mandy Marino, Cafe Lago.

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