Online Promo Sites: Cashcash Pinoy, Deal Grocer, Groupon(beeconomic), Twangoo, Buyanihan, Metrodeal, Ensogo, etc.

There are several online sites that sells vouchers for discounts on food, travel, beauty/wellness services, etc. One of the best things about these sites is that everything is done online. No need to make bank deposits or pay on site. Most offers have limited slots and is on sale for a certain period of time only. All you have to do is register online and they will send daily emails for their ongoing promotions. Here are some of the sites:

1. Cash cash Pinoy:
2. Groupon Beeconomic:
3. Buyanihan:
4. Ensogo:
5. Deal Grocer:
6. Metro Deal:
7. Twangoo:


  1. Hey, you may also want to check out — it aggregates all the popular group discount sites.


  2. Conrad Mananes says:

    Hi there! I just want to ask if CashCashPinoy has options for non-credit card holders. I’m fine with the traditional “kaliwaan” system since it truly states my philosophy that…”if you don’t have the money for it, you’re not supposed to have it yet.”

    That being said, I really do have the money for “it”. (They have this absolutely WONDERFUL deal on a Philips mp3 player…and I can afford it right now.) However, I’m hesitant to sign-up since sights like this usually ONLY offer deals for credit card holders…something that I DO NOT intend to get in the near future. Like I said, credit cards are not for me.

  3. cynthia H. says:’s a good thing that we already have these different sites we can visit in times we wanted to look for on line stuff like products or having reservations to hotels, plane tickets or even advertise our own products if we are engage in some business. I even find out that even The world’s biggest merchant, Wal-Mart, has been dropping money progressively in the United States. Through heavy internet promotions, the store is attempting to entice customers back with coupons and free samples. I found this here: Wal-Mart combats lower sales with coupons and samples

  4. gusto ko talaga mag travel . pero kapos talaga ako sa money.

  5. macy gray says:

    @ conrad — you may pay your fee via 711 store for cash cash pinoy voucher purchases

  6. luzelyn m. lauron says:

    saan ba makikita ang promo code? salamat

  7. Go here for group buying

    top group buying sites are in here

  8. i am new here! hoping for a more discounts:)

  9. lucy aquino says:

    hi… just want to know if we will travel to coron palawan how much it will cost? i mean can we have a discounts? :)

  10. For those who uses Groupon, you can get 4% CashBack Rebate on whatever you buy off Groupon Philippines through pandacashback:

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