DMN Sept 21 I’m glad to be back!

PSEi 4,087.96 up 0.85% up 34.64 pts
value php 7,931,323,422.00

Dow Jones 10,753.62 +145.77 (1.37%)
S&P 500 1,142.71 +17.12 (1.52%)
Nasdaq 2,355.83 +40.22 (1.74%)

The downturn (or recession) officially ended, and the recovery officially began, in June 2009, according to an announcement Monday by the official arbiter of economic turning points. Since that point, total output — the amount of goods and services produced by the United States — has increased, as have many other measures of economic activity. But the United States economy has lost more jobs than it has added since the recovery began over a year ago. Nevertheless, in the absence of bad news, the wall street bull train chugged 1.5 % forward, but not really bringing with it the rest of Asia.

As I speak, China, Japan and Australia are slightly down, while Hong Kong and Singapore are only slightly higher. The Philippines closes at another all time high, despite paring down about a 60 point gain intraday.

Lepanto’s news that Goldfields will be paying them $10m for the right to drill and assess the Far South East mine site for 18 months was met with selling for Manila Mining holders. MA/MAB holders initially speculated that the upcoming LC news would be good for them somehow, but their shares opened flat at .025 and closed much lower to .022 while LC has not yet resumed trading. Upon resumption, LC/B’s previous close of .33 saw a gap up and LC hit .44 while LCB hit .49 and immediately corrected to close at .38 ask price for both, still up for the day.

TEL’s 13 point psei gain represented 1/3 of the total gains, as it claws up to 2604. This was joined by index gainers AEV MER EDC ALI LC/B BDO SMPH. Leading the index losers were PX MBT URC SM MPI, MEG ICT.

PNB continues to gain, this time to a day high of 57.3 but retracing at the close to 56.50. Boy, those banker friends were right, remember when I said THEY SAID this will hit 58? I will be totally sad now (because I already disposed of most of my PNB) had I not bought DGTL ISM EDC and sold them all at a profit higher than a % gain made had i held on to PNB. Looking back, I got lucky. The original plan was sell at 48, then buy back if it breaks 50 convincingly, which I did not. I only kept selling the few I had.

For another laggard play, IP looks like it’s ready to break out of a long term downtrend, but it lacks liquidity. After ISM’s change par yesterday, I can’t believe it’s back down to 4.3. What’s this? GEO’s rise to .77 had rain poured to cool it down to .70. I also told my friend that AT had a sell signal on my indicator. Hope he got out alive. Was lucky to pull some sell on fyap stocks only to buy them lower.

Other noteworthy gainers with volume: ACR 1.15, ELI .65, IP 1.48, APXB 3.99 MK 5.62, the top losers were: MA/B PO ISM ION APO RLT PX VUL GEO APC And APX

My life is more or less back to normal, as my eldest checks out of the hospital after being confined for a boil (pigsa) on her forehead which spread to swell her face. It turned out to be dangerous as the infection might have canalled through her brain! While all this was happening, my youngest had on and off fever and had her CBCP (not catholic bishops, but complete blood count with platelet) test, and good that it was only viral and not dengue! Just sharing that when your kids cough or get sick, it’s like you or the parent experiencing each suffering. . .

Advances 85
Declines 75
Unchanged 25
Total Trades 17,599


  1. L. Sabandal says:

    aw, so that why you’ve been absent..missed your inputs..yeah, we, parents are always in agony whenever our kids get sick..keep up your good work.

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