Iphone 4 reviewed, unlock, jailbreak, and installous

Thanks to the combined gift contributions of Jerry Angping, Lucio Tan, JGokongwei, and Alfredo Ramos, I was able to get my hands on a new toy, the Iphone 4.

Unlocking the Iphone 4 was easy, simply follow the instructions here on how to unlock your ios4 iphone os4.  Unlocking means using the Iphone for use with any telco carrier you choose.  But before you can unlock an iphone, you must first jailbreak it to put the app named Cydia. To jailbreak means to allow your phone to install and run apps from places other than iTunes.  Jailbreaking is very easy, simply follow the guide posted here to jailbreak your iPhone 4 on iOS 4.0.1 / 4.0 using JailbreakMe 2.0.

After that, it’s hands on on my latest gadget! Coming from an Iphone 3G (and an Iphone 1st Gen before that), the speed is noticeably faster because of the Apple A4 processor chip used.  The previous generation 3Gs was already much faster than the earlier 3G, and this 4G version is way more speedier in response time in opening apps, camera, messages, unlocking, boot time, and power down time.

I can tell you for a fact that the antenna signal issues negative media blitz about the Iphone was just too much bashing.  It doesn’t just happen in stock market forums I guess.  People familiar with the signal issue scandal may recall that Iphone 4 innovated by putting three separate antennas outside surrounding the phone.  These three strips are the flat silver panel edge you see in the picture, separated by a mere space.  Now the complications SUPPOSEDLY arise when your hand which acts as a conductor, somehow manages to connect two or three of these antennaes, thereby allegedly creating signal interference.

To test this out, I called some friends, and purposely held all three antennaes in differing variations and found no calls to be dropped, and no such signal weakness using my Smart Telecom mobile carrier.

Anyway, another cool reason for owning this gadget is there would be no need for a separate point and shoot camera if my trip to the Bahamas is to push thru! This already takes in 5 megapixels for still pictures, and full HD for video!  Of course the only thing you could ask for is camera zooming and perhaps an FM radio which apple seems intent in wittholding from its gadgets.

One can also install an app called installous, which is an app that acts as a directory of most of the worthwhile applications (also found in iTunes) and you can download it and install it right there for free if you want to evaluate it first before buying. Follow this guide on how to install installous in your iphone 4, iphone ios4, iphone 3g, iphone 3gs, and Ipad, and ipod touch.


  1. Dragon,

    I will be going to the Philippines (Manila/San Pablo City area) for the first time and was wondering if you know if after I unlock my iPhone4 can i buy a sim card for it so i can use my iphone instead of having to deal with AT&T’s crazy int’l rates? I know my buddy does it with his Blackberry but can I as well?


  2. Question… :)

    If I buy an Iphone 4 from the states then bring it here to the Philippines, is it possible to have it jailbroken? And If so, then where?

    Thanks a bunch! :>

  3. can we unlocked iphne 4 and at the same time jailbreak it?

  4. Who konw how to jailbreak Nintendo 3DS console?

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