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P1030024.jpg picture by financemanila2Guests Listen on to First Metro Investment’s outlook

What a week that was, after several weeks of planning with our friends at Absolute Traders, we were able to come up with a very special event that was enjoyed by most.


I must admit, the past big gatherings stressed me out a lot, as most of the preparations (finding venue, booking venue, commitment, headcount, front door guest list paying/receiving, emcee, food coordination, speech, etc.) were done by me.  It did not help that I was recently diagnosed with GERD (Gastro acid reflux something!) which the doctor said was stress related.  I’m really not that much stressed in stocks lately, so I surmise it must have been 3-cups-o-coffee-a-day related.  Anyhow, it was such a big thing that Absolute Traders virtually took over the administrating and organizing the event, and finding the sponsors and event presenters!


Okay,with a lot of help a little this time, all I had to do was provide an emcee, nudge one of my few resident FM idols to speak, and fill the seats!  The event was announced three weeks before, and slots of 50 were taken the first three days alone.  I knew it was not going to be a problem as we reached 90 signups by 2 weeks.  I did not have the final tally but I saw that over 95% of the 100+ officially registered attendees actually braved the Friday Shaw Blvd. traffic.  Needless to say, perhaps almost a 100 more showed up who did not manage to pre pay and pre register.  Last 1998, the slogan of my 1st generation site was “If you build it, they will come”.


Guests came as early as 5:30 pm. for those nearby, and me and janssen manned the registration before the other admins arrived.  By 6:30, we were probably over half filled but some key people were still wading through the traffic and trying to elbow their way into some parking slots.  Our demographics of guests ranged from Attorneys, partners, accountants, doctors, entrepreneurs, all respected men in their fields.


Applause for Jackie Ponce who sang the national Anthem, Danny Go for that heartfelt prayer, last minute fill-in emcee by mining legend Bingo Miranda, and of course the thankFUL job of co-emceeing as FM representative– my good buddy and idol Prometheus a.k.a. Bald runner II., a.k.a. Jay Nacino –banking and finance legend!  Many do not know that I have contracted Jay to be my emcee since 2007, but something always came up.  Either we was not able to go and I was forced to emcee myself, or we had some other sponsors providing the emcee.  Even one time, Jay managed to worm out of the spotlight as FM matinee idol Satori took over the microphone in Fiamma a few years back.  So much appreciated, my friend Jay!

First on the bat was Finance Manila legend Longneck, who wishes to be publicly known only on public events like the gathering we had last night!  Again I was deeply touched as someone so shy and outspoken would stick his (long)neck out for me just to say a few words.  Believe me, emcee friend Jay and I actually saw brother Longneck’s hands shaking as he went on with his speech where parts of which are as follows, “I started trading 15yrs ago. Back then, aside from listening to my broker’s unreliable tips (not you DRAGON), I would read and try to brainstorm the stock quotes section of the Philippine Star. Without even looking at volume, I would look at the 52-week highs and lows of stocks, and those near 52-week lows I would buy. Needless to say, and a real no brainer at that that up to now I am still stuck with those stocks” … continuing….. “The market is ever dynamic, and even TA is related to the law of supply and demand, and the ever changing emotions of fear and greed. I am happy to be a part of this event, and I would like to take this opportunity to wish the all of you good luck, good life, and good evening”

Then came my turn for the opening remarks.  I had planned a decent spiel but it came spinning too fast and jumbled in my mind as the hordes of stock market fans, hungry stock market fans, seemed to would have taken to speeches more kindly had they eaten sooner!  I thanked the attendees for choosing OUR EVENT over R&B icon Usher’s concert at MOA yesterday.  Like Usher’s 20 years in the industry, I pointed out that with the discerning thinking readers’ help, FM will surely reach double decades as we now approach our 13th year.  I admit I may have missed a few eloquent adjectives on the actual speech.

I continued with thanking Absolute Traders for co-hosting this event for us, specifically citing founders Danny Go and Bonner Dytoc.  However, since my shaking knees cut my speech short, I failed to mention what was noted in my crib notes.  That like FM, Absolute traders had its roots with the best interests of the public investors at heart.  In 1998, there was just this fellow trying to blog about his trading, and ultimately getting a lot of readers, who later participated and evolved into a responsible forum come 2002.  Our guiding light is the same.  Learn and earn responsibly by breaking down the barriers of the big boys club! Let’s face it, if you’re fresh out of college or coming out of the cold from any career and just immersing your feet in stocks, chances are, you have no one to turn to for strategies, for learning technical analysis, and knowing the short cuts from the hard work that is stock market investing.

P1030043.jpg picture by financemanila2After dinner we had First Metro to present his market outlook and portfolio allocation via slideshow.  (Actual presentation may or may not be available for download soon).  Other presentors included Oriental Vision Mining Philippines, Oriental Peninsula Resources Group.  Technical outlook from Absolute Traders chartists extraordinaire Bonner Dytoc, Aldrich Sevilla of, and Ron Acoba, who were basically in agreement that though things look bearish for Europe and America, the Philippines has a fighting chance of being able to stand on its own legs as the chart formations have yet to see any bearish signs.

Regrettably, other such proposed programme points were no longer included in the actual event as we had a variety of reasons as we finalized the minutes.  Reasons varying from too many speakers (wouldn’t want to bore our guests), too shy fellas like me and longneck, and other schedules not guaranteeing presentors’ coming in time all contributed to Market Outlook of Longneck, Dragon and Miko to be tempoarily shelved for future events (to leave fans wanting, I hope).

A key high-note of this event was Angping Securities Chief and Mining Entrepreneur Jerry Angping himself graced the

P1030072.jpg picture by financemanilaevent and was “coerced” into enlightening the audience.  Key points of his speech were:

  • stocks that are at their lows, when bought and held, are the ones that usually made investors more money,
  • holding the Philippine Flag, he reiterated that buy Philippines, and love Philippines, our country, is the way to go, and that we should profit not from our Filipino neighbors but from foreign investors who may come late.
  • he cited Metrobank as a good bank as aside from being a stable bank, might have interests in power and utilities soon.
  • He mentions ORE as a company that may well become the Philex or Semirara of the future, as it may come into serious revenue once it does away with certain hurdles.

The big difference with this event from past ones was, as mentioned, I had a lot of helping hands.  Specifically coordinating the caterers, sounds, emcees were Mel Dela Cruz and Jaycob Yedra, thank you guys.  This gave yours truly more time to actually meet and greet our fellow investors on a more personal level.  We are exploring possible change of format to expound on the meet and greet idea, as suggested by Mr. Tsupitero Miko Sayo, who graced the event with his presence along with the HDI troupe.

Shortly thereafter, shining emcee Jay thanked the guests and everyone came home with FM-AT commemorative collectors’ item umbrellas, which will shield you from when it rains blood of bulls in the future.

Again, thank you all for making Finance Manila the only legitimate Philippine Stock Market Authority that it is today!  I hope our guests enjoyed the company, as a big purpose of this event was building better bridges with friends in the industry.

*might edit this tomorrow, we’ll see. It’s been a long day. I leave with some pictures from the event.

P1030069.jpg picture by financemanila2

belles and femmes of financemanila

P1030068.jpg picture by financemanila2

P1030027.jpg picture by financemanila2

More pretty ladies (with their dad)

P1030025.jpg picture by financemanila2

Very special guest Star

P1030076.jpg picture by financemanila2


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