DMN March 29

PSEi    3,177.56         DOWN    3.12
value php      3,241,311,414.82

Dow    +9.15 10,850.36+0.08%
Nasdaq    – 2.28 2,395.13-0.10%
S&P 500+0.86 1,166.59+0.07%

Wall Streat rallies yet pares down the gains and close flat once again.

The Psei did the opposite as we headed straight down but recovered most of the day’s loss to close only slightly lower.

Today’s leaders were the strong Lopez stocks EDC 5.10 (after posting robust growth), FPH 55.50, FGEN 10.75, also BEL 1.80, LR 2 after announcing new gaming projects/partnership.

Responsible for giving its share for the loser side were TEL 2475, MER 180, both shed 14 psei points.

Other best overall gainers: JGS 10.75, MA/B .019, PAX 2.20.  Worst losers: OPM/B .012, OM .007 MUSX .0095, ZHI .19, VLL 2.08 (rally was in anticipation of villar leading polls, but most recent SWS survey showed villar lost ground while Noynoy gained ground).

TOTAL FOREIGN BUYING   : P  1,271,761,824.57
TOTAL FOREIGN SELLING  : P  1,180,298,998.75

AC                154,600 @ P318.1717             49,189,344.82
TOTAL (P49,189,344.82)     %MKT   1.517
NO. OF ADVANCES:              58
NO. OF DECLINES:              38
NO. OF UNCHANGED:             67
NO. OF TRADED ISSUES:        163
NO. OF TRADES:             8,402

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