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How to unlock your huwaei usb modem for use with any globe smart or sun e160, e1553, e220 3g provider

So you bought a globe tattoo, smart bro, or sun 3g usb wifi dongle, but are only limited to the provider that its labeled for?  Not to worry, unlocking is easy, it’s finding the unlock code that was hard.

To unlock, all you need to do is remove original sim, and replace with another sim.  So if you bought a globe one, replace with sun or smart, then of course it won’t work at first, and ask you for an unlock number.

Looking behind your huwaei stick, you will find an IMEI number like 55565758231.  You will need this number to calculate for an unlock code.

Now there’s no need to buy three separate usb dongles, since each provider has their own deadspots!

*also see the links to software connection dashboards for the three mobile providers at bottom of article.

2 Options to choose from:
1)If you are feeling un-techie, simply go to gsmhosting forum and post your imei number, and the helpful people there will supply you with your unlock code.

2)Download your own IMEI calculator (any of the ones listed below will do).

a) first you may try

If you have USB Model E583x Series, please use this software :

b)or download this other software unlocker: melorien.zip

Username: free
Password: free

c) yet another third option v4mpire_unlocker.rar

d) fourth software unlocker choice:
*sourced from symbianize.com forum

mobile partner dashboard software download

additional sites to download from:
http://www.mediafire.com/file/wyeztmfyq1m/Mobile Partner (3).rar (GENERIC-No Operator Logo)

http://www.mediafire.com/file/ow0t4hentek/Mobile Partner (Globe Visibility).rar Globe Visibility (Mobile Partner)

http://www.mediafire.com/file/ymdg1i4qkym/Smart Bro.rar Smart Bro

http://www.mediafire.com/file/envk0zxdfzz/SBW_USB_STICK_MODEM_UPGRADE_GUIDE.zip SBW_USB_STICK_MODEM_UPGRADE

or you can manually input the values yourself using just one dashboard:

tools – option – profile management – new
gawa po kayo bagong
profile name…smart
access number: *99#
advance click “PAP”

activate sim:
MMS ON send to 3401

red mobile sim

tools – option – profile management – new
profile name…Globe Prepaid
access number *99#
advance click “PAP”

activate sim: insert to your phone
text: RED(space)<handsetmodel> ex. RED LGKU380
send to: 9969

globe tattoo
tools – option – profile management – new
profile name…Globe Prepaid
access number *99***1#
advance click “PAP”

activate sim:
send to 1111

sun broadband

tools – option – profile management – new
profile name…Sun Broadband
advance click “PAP”

activate sim:
send to:


  1. para sa mga old globe e153 (u1, u2, u3) check po nyo to permanent unlock baka makatulong http://e-buk.weebly.com/1/post/2013/04/permanent-unlock-globe-tatoo-e153u-2.html

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