Daily Market Notes January 6, 2010

PSEi  3,039.93         UP     11.47
value php 2,378,812,215.00

DOW    11.94 -0.11% 10,572.02
NASDAQ 0.29 +0.01% 2,308.71
S&P 500 3.53 +0.31% 1,136.52

After a fantabulous opening day, Wall Street corrects on the second day and recovers most of the red by the close.

Asia continues to trek higher, dragging our PSEi along with sustained NFB.

huge NFB came from these equities: BPI 131M, EDC 44M, FGEN 35M, URC 48M, SM 23M

AC 26M ALI 60M Turn NFS, not boding well for those second liner property stocks MEG FLI.

FGEN has one week (until Jan 14) for investors who held FGEN until ex-rights last year to pay for their rights or not.

URC was top bluechip gainer at 17, up 1.50 worth 3.70 gained psei points.

I Think the next counter to lead the rally would be lopez stocks FPH BPC and even MER again, which of course will join the now rallying EDC FGEN.

MRC rebounded from atrophy after a new disclosure from the company stating that they are now indeed in talks of a possible venture with Lucio Tan Jr. the son.

Other second and thirdliner stocks still have not regained their luster and are still suffering severe selloffs south of samoa.  These are acr 1.14, ani 23.5, lihc 8.7, cpm 6,

TOTAL FOREIGN BUYING   : P  1,172,407,800.86
TOTAL FOREIGN SELLING  : P    761,673,579.80

NO. OF ADVANCES:              47      
NO. OF DECLINES:              64      
NO. OF UNCHANGED:             68
NO. OF TRADED ISSUES:        179
NO. OF TRADES:             8,389

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