Daily Market Notes January 15, 2010

PSEi                 3,118.47         DOWN    3.44
VALUE PHP              3,963,737,175.00

DOW    29.78 +0.28% 10,710.55
NASDAQ 8.84 +0.38% 2,316.74
S&P 500 2.78 +0.24% 1,148.46

Dow Industrials and Dow Transports both make fresh year highs together. Good as per Dow Theory.

TOTAL FOREIGN BUYING   : P  2,679,644,995.00
TOTAL FOREIGN SELLING  : P  1,792,196,061.90

NFB. Healthy.  Increasing Value turnover. Healthy.

So far so good as blue chips lead the breadth of the gainers.  Local trading index even hit a day high of 3133, which was an uptick of 15 points, succumbed to profit taking, sank 5, gained 10, but sank 3 by the close.

Here's the tally of the net foreign activity:
NFB: bdo 27m, bpi 90m, edc 240m, urc 30m, agi 107m, ac 11m only, glo 19m, tel 14m,

nfs: mbt 29m, pip 35m, ali 15m, meg 23m,

Most active stock hands down was EDC, with total traded 856m pesos worth, of which were 700m in crosses.

Property/development/holding sector were lagging amongst the blue chips.

Today's trade could be classified as sideways by the close, had it not been for ALI's last second selldown one fluctuation lower to 11.25.  This .50 drop was worth 8 lost psei points,the biggest mover for the day for our index.

Best overall gainers were MIH/B (again), DFNN 10.75 (back from the dead), MRC .69 (stockholders' meeting next friday), ANI 26,50,

Most Stocks rallied but closed off their highs, mimicking the index. 

Some even closed down for the day like VLL, PO, TBGI, IP,

TEL                  7,320 @ P2735          (P     20,020,200.00)
TEL                  8,590 @ P2730          (P     23,450,700.00)
                  TOTAL (P     43,470,900.00)     %MKT   1.10
NO. OF ADVANCES:              51      
NO. OF DECLINES:              50      
NO. OF UNCHANGED:             66
NO. OF TRADED ISSUES:        167
NO. OF TRADES:             7,850

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