Daily Market Notes January 12, 2010

PSEi   3,105.62         UP     18.27
value php     3,041,382,920.00

DOW     45.80 +0.43% 10,663.99
NASDAQ 4.76   -0.21%   2,312.41
S&P 500  2.00  +0.17%   1,146.98

Wall street surges some more, bringing with it a window dressed nymex crude oil further higher to $83.

Asian equities that tracked the dow to a Tee already were weakening today on after hours results of Alcoa, which reported only tiny profits.

Nonetheless, some semblance of volume back to late November's count puts us back to 3B, crosses included.  Leaders were still TEL MBT EDC PX FPH JFC.

EDC – movement speaks about a possible project to be disclosed soon.

FPH – about to do an MACD crossover buy, has already turned on lower channel support, and already did an RSI brekout. target 56-60.

MPI- all star sellers won out to bring down this stock on profit taking.

TBGI –  Saudi prince to announce project soon? Rumors only.  Can't confirm the veracity of this.

Meanwhile, overall top gainers were DFNN – continued gains on speculation of possible partner, PEP, TBGI.

Buckling under profit taking were BSC, APO UPM,

Meanwhile, CMT's change par from 1 to .35 without change in number of shares created confusion at the open, as some brokerages reflected an increase in CMT holders's shares, giving an illusion of instant profit.  This caused CMT shares to tank to .84 at the open, only to recover slightly to .90 by the close.

TOTAL FOREIGN BUYING   : P  1,484,534,795.00
TOTAL FOREIGN SELLING  : P  1,318,201,248.65

EDC            5,000,000 @ P4.75          (P     23,750,000.00)
                                   TOTAL (P     23,750,000.00)     %MKT   0.78
NO. OF ADVANCES:              53      
NO. OF DECLINES:              53      
NO. OF UNCHANGED:             61
NO. OF TRADED ISSUES:        167
NO. OF TRADES:             8,807

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