Longneck’s UCC’s (Useful Chit-Chats) Dec 7 ’09


Today marked the block sale of PX at P21.00 from RVO and co. to MVP and probably raised the speculation bar that Lolo could be next in line. This made today’s newspaper’s headlines as MA/MAB/LC/LCB are all up, higher and actively traded. MA/MAB is even the top gainer/s.

Is this a one-day wonder? Let’s hope Lolo’s dump trucks are out of commission, and are all in the North Pole scooping snow and also preparing gifts for long time believers. If there will be a follow through tomorrow, we don’t even need them to really go UP significantly. All we need is more or at par volume as what transpired today. If this happens, then this should signify accumulation, and may just be the key.

PX after falling to my target of P14.25~P14.50 actually bounced back up to P16.50, and though expensive at these levels like MER, float is so little that it makes it quite easy to push.

Another star performer is LIHC, a Chucky this time.

For once, the market is dominated by stocks which have bluffed traders inclucing me time and again. Chucky and Lolo better be good, as Santa is watching who’s been naughty and who’s been nice.

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