Daily Market Notes December 16, 2009

PSEi                 3,032.37         DOWN   14.20
value php           3,083,611,677.45

DOW      49.05 -0.47% 10,452.00
NASDAQ 11.05 -0.50% 2,201.05
S&P 500   6.18 -0.55% 1,107.93

Wall street corrects on data pointing to inflation.

Local trade manages to pare losses by half at closing time.  Roughly 600M pesos of today's 3B total trades turnover were crosses from SM, TEL VLL.

Today's overall top gainers with relative volume were:
MED .46= May be related to MEDco's holdings of EIB shares which will be bought up by BDO this month.

AJO .07= halted trading from opening until 10:00 a.m. after disclosing that Marcventure mining is doing a due diligence for a possible backdoor that will entail restructuring while the new company will issue more shares.  AJO opened .07 and was trading with posted bids at .08 and .075 (no .0775 posted), when someone did in fact buy up 1m shares at .085 (the resistance)(no .0825 posted as well), then suddenly PAPA sec sold down the two fluctuations of .08 and .075, dampening the speculative mood.  This selling was soon joined by other players like Tower, Rcbc, kings, bringing it back to .07 by the close.

FGEN= 16, After announcing that the rights price would be at 7, FGEN shares surged, signifying that investors liked the deal.

Overall top losers were ISM .0625, a collapse with volume.  

The banking sector turned, NFS, while power and utilities AP 72M, EDC 51M, came out with NFB [edited]. SM's cross also contributed 423m nfb.

TOTAL FOREIGN BUYING   : P  1,478,238,371.40
TOTAL FOREIGN SELLING  : P  1,227,513,385.45

FIRST GEN CORPORATION                8,662,260 @ P14.1825        122,852,502.45
                                                         TOTAL (P122,852,502.45)     %MKT   3.984
NO. OF ADVANCES:              51      
NO. OF DECLINES:              61      
NO. OF UNCHANGED:             57
NO. OF TRADED ISSUES:        169
NO. OF TRADES:             8,022

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