Is google profusion a scam? You bet it is!

This latest scam attempts to victimize hapless suckers who haven't realized two important things: 1)if it is too good to be true, then it probably is. and 2) there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Curiously enough, this ad pointing to the scam site came from facebook!

The bogus site comes on to you as a mother who had debt problems and suddenly turned her life around just by buying an internet marketing kit worth $3.88, namedropping google as its get rich quick legitimate vehicle.

They go on showing a check from google worth $7,000 which can be easily photoshopped anyway.  Their come on is that you have to act fast because they don't offer the kit all day everyday.  Hurry! Urgent! Do it now! Before you can think and make up your mind that this is a scam!
Clicking on any of the links they talk about in their blog will send you to the google profusion scam page where you can subscribe to their bullshit and they take your credit card info, plus that standard "$3.88 only" fee.

Note the timer that says "this offer expires within 10 minutes", then counts down.  After counting down to zero, it will say "this offer has expired, would you like more time?" So you click yes and the countdown resets to 10 minutes.  This alone should knock more sense into you.

The method they stated on how you, the sucker user makes money is that you post website links allegedly tracked by google, and you get money just like that.  Majority of net users may not be savvy as to how Google works.  Google acts like a bigtime online advertising broker/agent, who finds advertisers to place to YOUR websites.  They match the product with that of your content and the more visits you have to your site and more people click on those ads, the more you get paid, and google gets a share. So cross linking, multi linking, link exchange, or any such artificial attempts to drive up traffic IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED by google adsense.

Building up a site, viewership, decent traffic and hence decent Google Adsense takes a lot of time and definitely not overnight, not even over the span of 1 or 2 months.

For those fortunate enough to come across this article of mine and still won't believe me that "their chance to earn easy bucks" has slipped away, do your own research on google on the term "is google profusion a scam" and you will see a lot of people debunking this scam.

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