Daily Market Notes November 16, 2009

PSEi     3,011.36         DOWN   22.96
value php     4,105,654,390.00

DOW    73.00 +0.71% 10,270.47
NASDAQ 18.86 +0.88% 2,167.88
S&P 500   6.24 +0.57% 1,093.48

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Since saying that stocks corrected on renewed growth pessimism, gains last Friday were now attributed to growth optimism. Go figure.

Asian stocks seesawed but were mostly slightly higher.

Locally, hitting 3k drew in the buyers, plus some 550m pesos worth of crosses on SMPH puts the value turnover back to the usual 4B mark.  Likewise, some 300M worth of crosses for UBP made up for what would have been quite a lackluster day.

PX managed to sink 2.50 more to 14.25, filling the gap with NFS shrinking to 20m pesos.  This drop was worth about 99% of the market's fall, or 21.5 points worth.

Some pronounced selling also on FPH, as it sank to 49 before closing at 50 on 101m nfs.  Net foreign selling on the Ayalas AC ALI abates but has not manifested into a full u turn.

UBP's 295m nfb from the crosses actually took in majority of the net foreign trade volume.

Best overall gainers with volume were ANI 26.5, LIHC 10.50, PIP 2.18, PAX 3.45, GSMI 23.25

Worst losers with volume were NI 7.1 PX 14.25, T 4.2, APM 008

TOTAL FOREIGN BUYING   : P  1,593,507,591.00
TOTAL FOREIGN SELLING  : P  1,591,051,868.50

NO. OF ADVANCES:              57      
NO. OF DECLINES:              54     
NO. OF UNCHANGED:             55
NO. OF TRADED ISSUES:        166
NO. OF TRADES:            10,474

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