Windows 7 versus Vista versus xp comparison

Now that windows 7 is due out before the holiday season, and a few leaked torrent copies have already made their way into the internet, let's examine if it is worth the upgrade to windows 7.

Take a look at the following graphs and research I've compiled which show and compare Windows 7 with vista and xp.



This first graph is from thinkdiff:

Windows 7 uses less RAM and disk space than Vista

Although, the comparison between x64 and x86 version of different operating systems doesn’t seem fair, it does tell a story of how improvements have been made from Vista to Windows 7, and how much of a resource hog Vista was



Suankual does another comparison between Vista and 7, keeping XP out this time, and based on gaming performance. He doesn’t reveal any accurate numbers for his benchmarks as that is against the Windows 7 RC EULA ( I wonder if using a leaked build is against that as well?! ). The benchmarks have been run on a fairly powerful system, with graphics cards ranging from mainstream to enthusiast performance, an Inter Core 2 Due E8500 processor overclocked to 3.6 GHz, 4 GB of RAM and pixel killing games like Crysis Warhead, Far Cry 2 and Left 4 Dead, all at a resolution of 1,680 x 1,050. 32 bit versions of both OS were used.


Techradar does a somewhat similar benchmarking

They spent a long time poking, prodding and stress-testing these three operating systems, but it's still remarkably difficult to pick the outright best of Windows XP and Vista. XP is mature, still current enough to be compatible with most recent hardware and software, and a good all-round performer. But Vista fights back with a much better feature-set, especially in key areas such as security and error handling. On balance, we prefer XP for basic systems and would move to Vista only as hardware needs demanded – but that's a fine line to tread.

The good news is that you won't have to spend long agonising over the whole 'XP or Vista?' decision, because Windows 7 generally outdoes them both. Microsoft really does appear to have learned its hard-taught lessons and, while it hasn't fixed everything, the latest incarnation of Windows does show significant improvements over its predecessor – impressive for a pre-release version. The finished Windows 7 can only be better, and it should finally give long-standing XP fans a reason to upgrade.


My own personal conclusion:

These graphs and benchmark tests done by various techies only  clearly proves one thing: windows vista sucks.  Windows 7 is not really much of an improvement over windows xp, and is basically a snap back to xp's performance, but with the improved look and feel of vista, which is actually patterned more to mimic a mac os!

Vista owners should definitely ditch their OS, and either leap to win 7, or return to XP!

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