How much was Michael Jackson’s net worth at the time of his death?

Michael’s empire was worth over $2 billion gross at the height of his career. This included royalties from his own album, plus Beatles album catalog.  However, much of this was spent on extravagant whims.


  • Mr. Jackson was the Sony's partner in a lucrative music publishing business that included songs by the Beatles and other musicians. Jackson owned 50 percent share of that $1 billion business.
  • Album sales of Bad (1989 @$125million), Dangerous (1992 @$67 million), HIStory (1996 @$55 million) and BOTDF (1998 @$12million)
  • Michael Jackson was once worth $2.3 billion dollars gross of debts. At his time of death he was only worth a few million!
  • On February 6th, 2003, Martin Bashir asked Michael Jackson how much he was worth. Bashir asked, "How much do you think you're worth?" Jackson replied "It's way up there." Bashir later asked, "A billion dollars?" to which Jackson replied "It's over there." Bashir asked for confirmation: "Over a billion dollars!" to which Jackson replied "Yes." When the interview was aired in the United States, broadcaster Barbara Walters replied, saying, “As for his claim to be worth over a billion dollars,” Walters explained, “his actual worth is in the two or three hundred million range. That’s hardly bad, but it’s nowhere near a billion”.
  • During Jackson's trial, defense attorney Thomas Mesereau Jr. said that the Beatles catalogue (of which Jackson owns 50%) was worth $1 billion in 2003. There have been estimates it's now worth between $4 billion and $5 billion[24], but forensic accountant John Duross O'Bryan testified that the total value of Jackson's assets was $130 million


"I think that Michael never had any concept of fiscal responsibility, or logical fiscal responsibility. He was an individual that had been overindulged by those that represented him or worked for him for all of his life," said Alvin Malnik, a former financial adviser to Mr. Jackson and a former lawyer for Meyer Lansky, the late mob kingpin. "There was no planning in terms of allocations of how much he should spend. As a businessman, you can forecast your spending for the next six months to a year. For Michael, it was whatever he wanted at the time he wanted.  Sounds very much like our very own boxing hero Manny Pacquiao.


  1. So what does everyone think about Michael Jackson not being buried on his Neverland Ranch? Did he need to specify this in his will to have it done? Or is it a decision for his beneficiaries to make? I am very curious.

  2. yazid marshall says:

    i think micheal wil should go to his 3 children.

  3. i think that michael should give his money to his 3 children and let them spend it on what they want

  4. That’s really crazy.

    To think that Michael could have had so much money and then squander it so much/\.
    There have been so many reports that MJ is several millions in debt.

    I don’t know what to believe!

  5. Hmmm. Michael Jackson is rich for fame and recognition as a music icon who greatly entertain and touch everyone’s personality- it cannot be measured financially. Oh…Manny pacqauio is a businessman now. And I hink as a filipino who valued family and his countrymen, he know how to spend his money.

  6. thanks for the info but why did you have to bring down manny p. that way? unnecessary.

  7. it’s not a “bring down”. it’s a warning. We love MP

  8. Sabrina says:

    Michael was worth far more that the price of money. He was an invaluable assest to people all other the world. It was not just because of his music, but, because his TRUE FANS saw his heart in everything he did. Fake and fony fans only paid attention to how many surgeries he had, as if he was the only one who has ever done it. I LOVE YOU MICHAEL RIP.

  9. probably they did not buried MJ in neverland because they want to sold the neverland to pay MJ’s debts

  10. Robert Chuks says:

    Michael was a performer, with a style all his own. He will forever live in the hearts of many who were priviledged to live in his era. His musical ability, unique dance moves, and provoking performance on stage is what I chose to remember him by. I adored Michael for the Joy he brought me ……..just watching him perform. He kept his audiance alive, awake and interested.
    He should be remembered for what entertainment he brought us all. We all live in GLASS houses, Who are we to throw stones at others?
    Michael was no different. We all have cobwebs in our CLOSETS.
    Lets first clean out our own wardrobes before being critical about someone elses.

    My thoughts for him now is that he finds the peace he sought so desperately for on earth. He will rest in peace in the hearts of many

  11. Michael Jackson’s estate is quite interesting. People I am in the music business and let me tell you there is a JOHN LENNON Lovechild daughter who is set to inherit from the Beatle catalogue. The scoop is Michael did Yoko Ono a favor to hide her name and copyrights. Now that Michael is dead it is being revealed right now in the court that Katerine Jackson is attending. She is very worried because John Branca has to reveal this daughter of Lennon to the judge. That is why you are hearing first Jackson estate is 1 billion than it is 500 million and so on. Michael Jackson held money in his estate in escrow. That means that John Lennon lovechild’s money was in his possession hidden away with her share of beatle copyrights. Stay tuned for the showdown. Jermaine looks very nervous on Larry King. I don’t know how much the lovechild will get but I think it is a big chunck of money. She is now 45 years old. That is why Yoko ono put blood stained clothes in the Soho exhibit. She is getting ready to allow this daughter to get DNA. 2009 is going to be unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. In all of his long career. Michael Jackson never once qualified for Forbes list of the 400 richest Americans.

  13. what we all should all do is let michael jackson rest in peace, who cares how much hes worth now. the only people who are going to get his money is his mother, his children., and all the the people he helped in this world.we all lost a good singer, dancer. now we should let him rest in peace thats the least we can do no matter what type of person he was.

  14. Michael Jackson was worth over a billion dollars. Think about it Thriller was still selling rapidly and other of his albums. Beatles albums are still selling which means more money for him. People just liked to scrutinize MJ just for the sake of it. He still had billions of money. They say he squandered his money. But my question is, On what? What is it that could possibly require a person to spend over 2 Billion? He was not buried on Neverland because he had left that place due to the child molestation cases. Why would they bury him there when he did want to go there alive himself? I think all his assets should be handed over to his children and mother. Rest in Peace King of Pop, Rock and Soul.

  15. i meant, why would they bury him there when he didnt want to return to neverland.

  16. I think Michael Jackson is worth more than 1000 1000 billion trillion zillion pound

  17. let people speak any thing they like but MJ’s name will still be up,let the assets of mj be kept for his childrens rest in peace michael

  18. michale was a great person and people need to stop talkin bout him

  19. mike u are the greatest entertainer that has ever walked on the face of this earth. u took it as a responsibility to teach the world how to be one and your music has left a remarkable impact in the world. why did u live us so soon? your death is hard to believe but we guess God loves u the most. may u find rest where ever u are in the name of our lord Jesus Christ. AMEN

  20. If someone is worth a billion you are considered wealthy. A million rich. So there is no way michael could’ve been broke if he was wealthy.

  21. Michael would forever live in heart of those who love him no matter how much he worth, rest im perfect peace king of pop.

  22. The truth is Michael himself never spent more than what he is worth. In fact he was never bankrupt. It was the various criminal cases that took a toll on his finances. Plus much of his money was mis-managed by various people.

  23. Mj Is a messed up nut. He likes to play with little boys train sets.

  24. I think his money should go to all the kids he molested

  25. IS THERE SOMEONE IN THE MUSIC BUSSINES???? Im a pretty good guitar player, i takes 5 minutes to learn a new song. and im a pretty good singer too!!! pls SOMEBODY RESPONCE!!! i want to change the world with my music!!!

  26. neeban mooken says:

    michael jackson has given a lot to poor

  27. When mj died he was 400 million in debt and he is now worth more dead than alive it is estimated that he is worth between 1.5 and 2 billion a bit lik elvis he is worth more now than he ever was plain and simple.

  28. Everyone around MJ including his family knew that Michael never really cared much for money. It’s a shame that people judge you’re worth by how much money you have. Human life is priceless. You cannot put a dollar amount on the very essence of life. Unfortunately, that not how most people in the world see it. It’s a shame. If anything, we should learn something from MJ. That is, money does not solve many problems.

  29. The fact is Michael was so extremely talented and popular , and all of the loosers that have no talent and couldn’t possibly even come close to his ability have to find a way to justify thier own pathetic lives by putting him down ! Michael was the s#@$ ! Now he is a legend , in my opinion Michael Jackson will live on forever ! ! ! RIP….Right ?

  30. thx admins.

  31. Clayton Jackson says:

    MJ used money as it should be used .His point was you cannot take it with you when you leave the eyes of mortals .To say MJ is worth under 1 billion is an insult to a man who has shaped our music and gave so much to the planet as a humanitarian .Though,If Mj is worth only 100 milion for example ,it just shows you how the guys in jackets and behind the scenes are corrupt and cruel .Mj spoke about it .The question is what was he worth and to who ?

  32. wow a lot of money in need that money

  33. Yabriyah Eaves says:

    I dont give a flying candle stick on how much Michael Jackson was actually worth, in my book he is worth 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000!!!!! I LOVE YOU MJ!!!! <333

  34. No matter what Michael was worth he will always still be the King of Pop and the most genuine person! Miss you Michael

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  37. i neva knew Michael very well bt i know dat d guy is worth more to d hrts of many dan to their pockets!!!!

  38. Thank you for the helpful info! I would not have gotten this by myself!

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  40. MJ knew what he was doing.

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  47. Anonymous says:

    Mj is a joke

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