Teachers and government workers get payhike

Much publicized last week was the P6,500 pay hike for the teachers which was proposed and set to be heard by the House Chambers and signed by the President before it is finally enacted into law.

High-ranking bureaucrats such as undersecretaries, assistant secretaries and directors will get an increase of 100 percent of their basic pay, excluding allowances, he said.

Unlike teachers, he said these officials receive additional compensation in the form of fat allowances.

Padilla proposed that teachers who hold salary grade 10 under the 33-grade government compensation scheme should be adjusted to grade 15 with a monthly salary of P24,878.

Rodriguez, on the other hand, took up the cudgels for the more than 100,000 soldiers.

He said under the proposed pay adjustment program, soldiers would receive an additional P4,000 over four years, or P1,000 a year.

Since the first installment would be given on July 1, the lowest-paid members of the Armed Forces would be getting only P500 for this year, he said.

He said soldiers, like teachers, work long hours and can even be considered as working 24 hours a day.

Under the proposed program, the President would have a salary of P120,000, up 100 percent from P60,000; while the Vice President would receive P103,000, which also represents a 100-percent increase.

Members of Congress would double their salaries to P90,000. Other bureaucrats getting substantial increases are undersecretaries, whose basic pay would be adjusted to P78,946; assistant secretaries, P73,099; and directors, P67,684.



  1. I’d say i am for this bill since our teachers and soldiers have done a lot for our country and they truly deserve it. i think this bill won’t take too long to get approved in congress since they get their own pay increases too..

  2. stupid politicians always undermine the good of their constituents.
    salary increase of govt workers is long overdue!!! workers deserve more than these proposals.. even a 100% increase would not uplift the lives of millions of workers. not even at par with their counterparts all over the world.
    the hell with this law makers, stupids, bunch of jerks as i see them.. abolish the congress, get rid of these pork barrels and upgrade the salaries 200%, that is all it takes to regain the confidence of the workers to this what we call government and politics.

  3. francis says:

    damn good thing, feels too good to be true, the problem is that the present computation benefits only the big bosses… meaning, the bigger is the basic salary, the higher the increase will be…meaning the fat gets fatter while those who earn less gets a lesser increase…congressmen be fair…the lower level gets harder work, the boss only talks. palit tayo, kayo ang magturo kami ang uupo jan sa congress, natutulog lang naman ang ilan sa inyo jan. sana ang laging tulog sa kongreso di na magising.

  4. Everybody deserves deserves pay rise. Just look our minimum wage, “who could survive a 270/day wage?”. Maybe the congress should do a good study how are we going to standardize our wages. What we pay is what we get. If we are paying bull shit, then we deserve to have bull shit! That’s a simple logic.

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