Pacquiao demolishes Hatton in second round

Filipino pride southpaw Manny Pacquiao puts Ricky Hatton to sleep in the second round, taking a historic win with a devastating left to the chin that sent the Englishman to hospital.

Hatton came out all guns blazing in the first round but was floored twice by the Filipino southpaw and looked to be in big trouble before the bell went.

The second round saw Pacquiao connect with a huge left hook that completely poleaxed the Mancunian and ended proceedings without the need for a count.

Referee Kenny Bayless knelt over the apparently dazed and confused and sleeping Hatton and halted the fight after two minutes and 59 seconds of the second round, giving the Filipino star a victory and the International Boxing Organization junior welterweight title. 

Hatton eventually woke up when he was given medical attention in the ring but ultimately managed to get to his feet and walk away unaided.

After the fight, Pacquiao claimed Hatton had played into his strategy by trying to avoid his left hook, only to discover that he has a very strong right as well.

"It was a hard loss but I am okay," the 30-year-old Manchester boxer said before being taken to the nearby Valley Hospital as a precaution.

"I really didn't see the punch coming but it was a great shot. I know I will be okay."  Hatton's younger brother Matthew Hatton (36-4-1, 13 KOs) of Manchester, England, scored an eight-round unanimous decision over Ernesto Zepeda (39-12-4, 34 KOs) of Tijuana, Mexico.

According to computer statistics, "Pacman" landed 73 of 127 punches in just under six minutes, including 34 of 53 power punches in the second round, while "Hitman" Hatton connected on only 18 of 78.  

Meanwhile, The Philippines' House of Representatives does not have enough members to legislate next week, as at least 50 members, including the speaker of the House, are traveling to Las Vegas to attend this weekend's boxing match between national favorite Manny Pacquiao and Ricky Hatton.


Hatton (45-2, 32 KOs) barely made it out of the opening round after being floored by the Filipino icon twice.

Pacquiao (49-3-2, 37 KOs) landed a right hook early on and it was clear his hand speed was far superior to the British superstar. Hatton got inside and roughed up Pacquiao with some left hooks to the body. That was Hatton's lone highlight of the first round.

Pacquiao came back with a blistering combination that had Hatton holding on. Just as Hatton went to throw a left hook, Pacquiao unleashed a right hook. Pacquiao's got their first and Hatton was knocked down for the first time.

Hatton had to survive 40 seconds to get out of the first round, but Pacquiao wasn't letting up.

Another combination drove Hatton into the ropes and forced him to clinch to survive.

Another huge flurry punctuated with a straight left send Hatton crashing to the canvas for a second time. Hatton beat the count and lasted the final 4 seconds to get out of the first round.

Pacquiao stalked Hatton in the second round, targeting him with overhand lefts and straight lefts.

Each concussive shot moved him one step closer to ending the fight.

Finally, Pacquiao connected with a perfect left to Hatton's chin. Hatton was out before he hit the deck. Hatton landed flat on his back and referee Kenny Bayless waved off the scheduled 12-rounder with 1 second left in the second.


  • In the Past fights, Manny Pacquiao's mother Dionisia never failed to give credit to her praying powers to the Lord that always ensured Pacman's victories.
  • Floyd “Mayweather Sr. is a better coach [than Freddie Roach].” De La Hoya said.
  • Ricky is going to crack Manny like an egg," Mayweather, Sr. said
  • Floyd said that he was surprised Pacquiao beat Oscar De La Hoya. "He beat a dehydrated Oscar." And added that if he would have run Oscar's camp, the outcome would have been different. "The best man got whupped that night."
  • Hatton's trainer, Mayweather Sr., had a lot to say: ""We're gonna win the fight and whatever's needed that's what we're going to do. If he has to box, he can box. If we want to brawl, we are gonna brawl. Whatever he wants to do. Because whatever it is that we do we can do better than Manny anyway. We can box better than Manny. He can box better than Manny. He definitely is stronger than Manny on the aggressive tip. Ricky is definitely going to back him up…Soon as Ricky touch him with one good shot, if he's able to run, that's what he's gonna do the rest of the fight. So, he'll run the rest of the fight. That's what he's going to do.""
  • Floyd Mayweather: I think he's just what I said. Freddie the "Joke Coach Roach." That's what I think he is. He's a joke of a coach.
  • Mayweather: Well, let me tell you something. Who has he really worked with? Who has he really worked with? I'm just saying, who has he really worked with? He had a lot of big fighters, but he hasn't done anything with them. What has he done with them? He got one man in his court, it's Pacquiao, who else do you know that he got that he's done something with? And what fighter has he made? I made my son, and who has he made? He hasn't made any body. He hasn't made anybody. He's not fighter. Explain it? That's all I can tell you man, the guy ain't made anybody. Simple.
  • Freddie Roach: Yeah. It's like where we're coming from so, I don't really pay attention to it. My first champion, Virgil Hill I started him out from his first pro fight. I mean, I've made a lot of good fighters out there. He made his son through birth, but Roger [Mayweather, Floyd Sr.'s brother]made him as a fighter. So, it doesn't bother me.
  • Floyd Mayweather: Ah, man. Come on – quit asking me crazy questions. No, man. I most definitely was the better fighter than Freddie Roach. As a matter of fact, I've got a poster down at the gym where Freddie's on my under card.
  • "Everything is mapped out. Ricky is trying to be nice, but it's a simple fact that we gonna bust his ass up.  Simple as that; we gonna whup his ass."  Because first of all I've got the best fighter and I am the best trainer," said Mayweather. "That's the reason right there. I am the best and he is the best.
  • "He tried twice. He failed twice," Mayweather Snr said. "He lost to my son and to lose to someone below that, it's time to leave the ring. He made a good profit. Sometimes you have to go when your prime is still there."

Truly History is written by the winners.  Nobody will really train someone and join someone's camp and proclaim to the public, "I'm having doubts about my fighter, I think the other guy will win".

Congratulations the best pound for pound boxing champion of the world, Manny Pacman Pacquiao!



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