How Much is Your Website Worth?

6 People Who Sold Their Sites and Their Stories
(From an emailed article) by Quiet Light Brokerage

Every week we talk to website owners who are absolutely stunned as to how much they could make if they put their website up for sale. What most website owners do not realize is that there are buyers who are very hungry…very hungry…to find sites just like they own – and they will give dearly for them.

Below are the stories of 6 people who we have helped find buyers for their websites. Obviously confidentiality is always a concern with any of our clients, so many specifics have to be left out. But rest assured that all of these numbers and stories are very real – and they all happened within the past 9 months.

1. A Simple Web Directory – Sold for $265,000 after just 2 Days on the market

The owner of this website didn't have to do much to maintain his site (he worked just 1 – 3 hours per week on it), but thought it would be a good time to cash out and focus on other projects. It turned out to be a great idea. His website had an offer within just 2 days of us listing it, and his offer was more than 4 times what he was making in the last year.

2. A Niche Online Retail Store – Sold for undisclosed

Unlike the owner of the web directory, this owner needed to sell his niche online retail store quickly. We helped him gather his information together, listed his website, and had a suitable offer within just 3 days of being listed. He earned more in one day than he would have in 3 years of being on the marketplace.

3. Online Informational Travel Site – Sold for $80,000

Travel sites are extremely popular among buyers right now, so when we were approached with this travel website that the owner had owned for over 10 years, it didn't take long for us to bring it to our buyers. In just a few weeks the owner received a healthy check for their years of hard work.

4. Ink Toner Website – Sold for $65,000

Most of us have some type of debt – whether it is credit cards, loans, a mortgage, or a car payment, its always nice to dream about getting out from that debt quickly and easily. The owner of this website was able to pay off debts with little more than 1 month of time put into the sale of his website.

5. Simple Website Service – Sold for $325,000

Its amazing just how many different types of sites people are able to dream up. This site offered a simple service to webmasters and after spending a little time with our service we were able to find a buyer who paid the owner $325,000 in all cash.

6. Online Games Website – Sold for undisclosed

It doesn't take too much to find value in a website. All you need is a little revenue, some traffic, and some history and you could be looking at cashing out of a website for a significant amount. The owner of this site listed his site with us, had an offer within 24 hours, and was paid within 2 weeks.

7. Dozens of Others – Sold for as little as $10,000 and as high as$2mm!

We could go on and on about all the different types of websites that buyers are looking for, but the fact remains that your website is valuable – possibly more valuable than you ever imagined!

Ask yourself this: would you sell your website if you knew that you would earn in 1 month more than you could make over the next 2, or 3, or even 4 years? Do you have any websites that you own that you simply do not pay attention to anymore? What would you do if you sold your site like the people above?? Would you pay off debt? Start a new project? Take a vacation?

Whatever you do with what you make from your website is completely up to you.

So, How Much is Your Website Worth?

Do you want to venture a guess as to how much your website is worth? You might be surprised at how much you could sell your website for if you just take the time to get a free valuation.

Quiet Light Brokerage, a business brokerage firm that focuses solely on selling websites, is offering valuations to Site Reference newsletter subscribers. You do not have to sell your website – what you do with the information is your decision, and the process is completely pain free. All you need to do is fill out a quick form and one of our professional business brokers will contact you with a valuation of your website. Its that easy!

Whether you are making $100,000/month with your website or $500/month with your website, there is a very good chance that your website is extremely valuable.

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