Citibank warns of card cloning but wont identify establishment

At the start of the year, i got a call from (a legit) citibank representative who informed me that my card was one of many that was used (by me) in an establishment that they've investigated to be participating in credit card cloning.

The caller was legitimate, as I did not give my number and or details and he helped me trace my recent past swiped spendings and confirmed that my card WAS NOT YET used for fraud and that I was the only one that used it of late.

So we blocked my card and had request for new one. The Citi agent caller wont yet identify the alleged establishment, as they said they were still investigating properly.

By January 12, as expected, the citibank person who phoned me was legit, as I got my new replacement card with new number. After calling them gain to clear up some annual due waiver issue, I asked them the name of the establishment in question again.  Still, they refused todivluge

If the concern was real, citibank should logically tell us the name of the establishment for us to avoid using the card there again, right?  Or else they'd just hassle themselves of going through the whole inform the card user/block card/issue new card cycle all over again if we use our new card in alleged but unidentified establishment?

My theory is that MAYBE their own internal (citi's) system was hacked or compromised in some way. Another could be that since the finance industry is down and Citibank in particular badly needs to recapitalize, some genius probably think that cancelling and reissuing credit cards may look good in paper as it will be disguised as "new accounts opened".

These will remain my theory unless they divulge and come up with a concrete company name of the cloner. This is their obligation.

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